Letters to the Editor: Tuesday, December 29, 2020

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Illness used as an excuse

Martin O’Malley’s post about how COVID-19 should be ending excuses across our educational system is correct and exposes the truth that many students, myself included, don’t talk about. The statement about excuses after excuses is true, even though most students don’t want to reveal what is actually happening behind that laptop/cellphone.

After COVID-19 started to rise in the United States, many teachers started to notice the presence of excuses being made up by students. These excuses affect the way these students learn and how they perceive the work assigned to them because instead of doing the assigned work, they just state an excuse to the teacher, thinking they are not required to do the assignment. These excuses are currently a huge issue on why most schools have a large number of students failing and not doing their assignments. However, a problem is presented because the teachers and school board staff don’t know the situation of the student.

A way to figure out whether these students are making up excuses or not could be a simple checkup or possibly offer COVID-19 tests to students who are making excuses of them having COVID-19. Either way, students are not learning because of these constant excuses, which can hurt their perception of doing work.

Students should be doing work instead of avoiding it by making up excuses to succeed in their future.

Ivan Valdez

Patriotism is in danger

Is patriotism dead in the Republican Party or are most of the members suffering from amnesia? Ninety-three percent of the Republicans surveyed in a recent poll indicated they believe the recent election was stolen, even in some of the states where they control almost all the decision making.

Where do these politicians get the idea that they can take an oath to protect, defend and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America and then trample all over the ideas it stands for?

This is just like if they trampled all over the American flag in the town square!

My opinion is, they are lower than whale feces in the ocean. Every one of them who are lawyers should have their law licenses revoked and be disbarred in all 50 states. The rest should be denied all privileges accorded to them as office holders and voted out of office in the next election.

Those trying to destroy our democracy are creating crimes worse than murders and should be treated as such. In the Dec. 15 Monitor a news piece states, “Lawyers group seeks sanctions against Texas AG, colleagues,” and their remedy for this group. I say it just isn’t strong enough. It is just a slap on their wrists. These need to be meaningful and a deterrent for future transgressions.

What has American politics became in the last century? Is this a sign of a failing democracy here in America?

I have a feeling God has given up on America and is letting the devil have his way. Lord, I pray not.

Bill Williams

D.C. swamp remains alive

So, even Donald Trump with his personality disorder and animosity couldn’t change the insanity and stagnancy of the D.C. swamp! If Trump taught us one thing it’s that the swamp is alive and doing well.

Americans are doomed by a legislative political system that focuses on rewarding legislators and their special interests. We need to change it, but the big question is, how do we even start? Term limits, vote in new blood, stop special interest contributions and lobbying?

It’s not easy when the very people who could change it are the same legislators who benefit from it the way it is.

Peter Stern