Students from Edinburg CISD, Mission CISD and McAllen ISD share their letters to Santa with The Monitor.

Letters to Santa:

Letters to Santa from Edinburg CISD:

Letters to Santa from Mission CISD:

Typed Letters to Santa:

Dear Santa,

This year I don’t really want any gifts or presents, but there is something that I really want… It is a cure for Covid. No one should have to go through such a harsh time. Mainly because they have to put liquids in tubes. They have made a vaccine but it may not come out until April or May and it’s very very expensive.

Robelli Velasquez, 5th Grade, De La Vina Elementary

Dear Santa,

I hope the elves are doing good. We are going through so much like Covid, kidnappings, and people are upset because the votes are off. It has been a year since Covid started and it has been the worst year so far. When I am looking at pictures, I see a lot of people saying to pray. To pray for family members so they don’t get Covid. Covid is bad, bad enough where you can die. We have lost family, friends, and people who are close to our family. So, Santa all I am asking for is to make next year a better year.

Alexia Navarro, 5th Grade, De La Vina Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

Today I am not going to be making a list about me. I’m going to be writing a list for the homeless people. I want all the homeless people to have blankets so they don’t freeze. I would also like them to have food and water so they don’t starve or get dehydrated.

Secondly, I want for you to give them a tent so they have a little shelter. That way they don’t have to sleep on the dirty ground. Also, if there is a chance, I would be grateful for you to give them some money for food and drinks to help them when they run out.


Ava Morin, 5th Grade, De La Vina Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

For this Christmas I would like toys because I enjoy playing with them. And my mom make us food

Antonio Moreno, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear santa i want one gift for christmas :] 🙂

Kristopher Medina, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear Saint Nick:

Hi , Santa , My name is : Mason Mendoza i’am in 3rd Grade with Dr. Hilton i want alot for Christ mas and i want 10 toy cars , i want 2 Reindeer Plushs And i want a iPhone 12 mini and at last i want is A new toy mexican grandfather clock with bells so i can wake up and i want a Christmas Sweater again i want 10 toy cars , 2 reindeer plushs , iPhone 12 mini , Mexican grandfather clock , a Christmas Sweater , Goodbye .

Mason Mendoza, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

I will love it if you gave me a remote control car. I don’t want no more toys I just want to not make noise. I have a lot of pets and I don’t want to hurt them. I will ride it in my room. I already have to much pets and that was what I needed. I hope i did good and i hope we all have a good christmas. we will all learn we will be good we all will have a happy day in christmas.


Mateo Huerta, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

hi nice to meet you. I want an xbox x series and I hope everyone has a great Christmas and also i hope you have a great Christmas i love everyone hohoho! Hopep all your wishes will come true. I wish to have good luck and a great family thanks for making life good.

Ho!ho!ho! Merry Christmas!


Brandon Matamoros, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

I am being good this year. I help my parents with my baby sister and I take care of my 4 chickens and my 2 kittens and what I want for Christmas is robux and led lights thats all I want I really dont need anything else and i hope everyone has a wonderful christmas.


Lindzy Barrera, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD

Dear Santa,

I have been a good boy at school,I have been getting hundreds. And merry christmas santa and this is Alex speaking by the way. I will like a plushie for christmas and some new crayons. I hope you have a good christmas santa and his elves i hope they have fun making the toys for children. And im from Texas santa so you could go there and bring my present’s if you want too. Well bye santa.


Alexander Chavez, 3rd Grade, Betts Elementary, ECISD