Front to bring another surge of cold air to the Rio Grande Valley

Christmas like weather is returning to the Rio Grande Valley late Sunday evening, as a strong cold front is expected to move across the area.

The National Weather Service in Brownsville reports the front will bring a brief but potent surge of colder air and brisk winds Sunday night and Monday.

Strong northerly winds will accompany the front with temperatures plummeting 30 to 40 degrees from highs on Sunday to lows Monday morning.

While the highs on Sunday afternoon will be in the upper 80s, the temperatures will drop down to the 40s Sunday night.

Wind chills of 34 to 40 degrees are expected, the NWS reports.

The high temperatures are Monday will be around 59 to 64 degrees with morning wind chills at about 32 to 41 degrees before 10 a.m.

The potential impacts from the cold front include the following:

>>Downed tree limbs/palm fronds and isolated power surges/outages (Sunday night).

>>Unsecured lightweight items, including holiday decorations, will be blown around.

>>Difficult driving conditions, especially for high profile vehicles.

>>Exposure to cold temperatures may lead to hypothermia.

>>Boating and swimming is strongly discouraged (Mariners are urged to stay in port).

>>Burning is not recommended Monday. Be aware of wildfire preparedness safety especially across most of Deep South Texas where moderate to severe drought conditions continue.