Woman accused in bleach attack tried to escape twice

LA JOYA — A woman wanted for a bleach attack in April told an officer who was transporting her to the La Joya Police Department on Sunday that she was COVID-19 positive and then tried to escape twice from custody.

Edinburg resident Ailyn Escalon, 20, was charged on Sunday with aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury; resisting arrest, search or transport; assaulting a public servant; and escape while arrested.

The alleged escape attempts came after Mission police reported to La Joya authorities that they had Escalon in custody for a warrant alleging she attacked a woman April 14 with a cup of bleach.

In that incident, police say they responded to an apartment at 232 W. 2nd Street in La Joya in reference to a fight in progress at about 11:45 p.m. that day.

An officer spoke with two women at the location, including one who was in distress and told police that she could not see, according to a probable cause affidavit.

The woman told the officer that Escalon threw a liquid that smelled like bleach at her, police say.

The fight happened because the woman and Escalon had a disagreement earlier that day, and Escalon had been sending the woman messages through Facebook telling her to fight her, the charging document states.

So the woman went to confront Escalon and the two began to argue, according to police.

“(The woman) told Officer Camacho that Ailyn had a white cup with liquid in her right hand…and that Ailyn threw the liquid at her face causing her face to feel burning and pain,” the affidavit states.

The following day, on April 15, the woman went to the La Joya Police Department and provided authorities with medical records from a hospital in Mission that showed she sustained chemical burns to her eyes, to her right upper arm, to the right side of her upper body and to her right breast.

The affidavit notes that she also provided police with a video of the incident.

On Sunday, La Joya police said that while transporting Escalon from Mission at around 3:07 p.m., she told an officer that she was positive for COVID-19 and a supervisor told the officer to get her medically cleared immediately.

“In which time Officer Rosales explained that he took Ms. Escalon to the Freestanding E.R. in Mission and the Mission Hospital, but they would not accept Ms. Escalon due to her stating that she was positive but was not showing symptoms,” the affidavit states.

So the officer then proceeded to transport Escalon to the La Joya Police Department when authorities say she complained that she needed to use the restroom and that she was going to vomit inside the patrol unit.

“Officer Rosales pulled over on the 900 block of Business Park Drive in Mission, TX to let Ms. Escalon vomit outside in order to prevent contamination inside of the patrol unit,” the affidavit continues.

The officer said that once he let Escalon out to vomit, “she threw up slightly and then ran away from his custody and freed herself from the hand restraints.”

The officer ran after her and grabbed her by the waist to take her to the ground and properly restrain her.

“During this time Officer Rosales explained that Ms. Escalon was being combative and was kicking him in the chest and abdomen area trying to escape. Officer Rosales stated that he was bit severely in the right hand by Ms. Escalon and was kicked in the face, which caused redness to both parts of his body,” the affidavit states.

Mission police arrived shortly after and helped the officer get control of Escalon and place her back in the patrol unit, authorities said.

“Officer Rosales explained that Ms. Esccalon attempted to escape from custody a second time by kicking and running away from Emergency Medical Personnel at the Mission Free Standing clinic when taken the second time for medical clearance after being O.C. sprayed for being combative,” the affidavit states.

Escalon remained jailed Tuesday on $40,000 in bonds, records show.