Reynosa driver uses bus to knock down security cameras

A Reynosa man who used a transit bus to bring down state-monitored security cameras attached to a public pole on Saturday is under arrest, according to a news release. He claimed armed men forced him to do it.

State police received a call reporting a white-colored bus striking a utility pole on Saturday around 6:30 p.m. in the subdivision known as Residencial Miraloma, about 5 miles south of the international bridge in Hidalgo.

The cameras mounted to the structure were operated by the state police and are used to monitor the city. It’s known as C4 cameras, since they are under the state’s control center, command and communication.

When officers arrived, they found the utility pole with a cement base laying on the street median. The driver fled the scene, but the large passenger bus painted white was quickly found just a few blocks away traveling on the same main road where the utility pole was located.

Photos show a large dent on the rear bumper.

When the driver was arrested, he told police he had acted under someone else’s command.

The driver said a man armed with a long weapon stopped him on the road and told him he had a mission for him. Two blocks later, a second man boarded the bus and instructed the driver to use the rear fender to knock down the pole.

The driver said it took several attempts to bring it down. After it was over, the men fled in unknown directions.

The bus was seized and the driver was arrested.

An investigation by the Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office is underway.