McAllen donates truck to Reynosa

The city of McAllen donated a surplus truck to the city of Reynosa on Monday, a move city officials say symbolizes the cooperation between the two communities.

According to a release from the city, McAllen Public Utility declared a 2003 freightliner vacuum truck as surplus earlier this year because it had reached the end of its useful life for the organization based on the life expectancy of the vehicle.

The truck is used to clean up wastewater and debris and to unplug sewer lines, manholes and lift stations, the statement says. It can also inject water at high pressure to dislodge plugs or debris in sanitary sewer lines.

The release says MPU trustees decided to donate the truck to their counterparts in Reynosa, McAllen’s sister city. Reynosa Mayor Maki Ortiz Dominguez accepted the truck Monday morning after Mayor Jim Darling took it for one last little spin.

“So yes, it still has a lot of miles left and is able to clean up wastewater, debris, unplug sewer lines, man holes and lift stations,” Darling wrote in a tweet Monday morning.

Darling said he was proud of the relationship between McAllen and Reynosa, writing that “working together makes us stronger.”