Houston man pleads guilty in illegal rifle case

A Houston man faces prison time in connection with allegations he lied on a federal form to purchase a firearm, records show.

On Monday, Cesar Trujillo pleaded guilty to one count of penalties for firearms related to his August 2019 arrest on the aforementioned charge, the complaint against him states.

Federal agents sought out Trujillo in June 2017 after a friend of his, a convicted felon, was pulled over in San Manuel, Texas and found in possession of a .50 caliber rifle, records show.

“The traffic stop lead to the discovery of multiple firearms to include a Barret, model 82A1, .50 caliber rifle with an obliterated serial number,” the document states. “ATF agents were able to recover the serial number identified as AA006016 and traced the firearm to its original purchaser identified as (Trujillo).”

According to records, Trujillo purchased the rifle from a licensed dealer in Houston on May 28, 2017.

In an interview with federal agents in August 2017, Trujillo admitted to purchasing the Barrett rifle for his friend.

“… (Trujillo) went to FFL Zeroed In Armory in Houston, Texas and placed a deposit of $4,000,” the complaint states.

Trujillo said a week later, when he went to pick up the rifle, his friend’s brother joined him.

“Trujillo knowingly made a false representation on the Form 4473 when he indicated that he was the actual purchaser of the firearm when in truth and in fact, he was not,” the document states.

He said his friend paid him $500 in order to buy the rifle for him, and that his friend told him the serial number to the rifle had been removed and that the rifle was on its way to Mexico.

The 21-year-old Houston man, who has been free on bond since March, is scheduled for sentencing Jan. 13, 2021, records show.

Trujillo, who has adhered to his release conditions, could be sentenced to a maximum of 10 years in federal prison.