2 arrested in Fentanyl bust in RGC

Border Patrol says in a criminal complaint that they arrested a man that led them to nearly 20 pounds of the powerful narcotic Fentanyl, but they didn’t read him his rights until they found the drugs.

Federal agents arrested Reynaldo Villarreal, born in 1991, and Rogelio Garza, born in 1993, on Nov. 2, and charged the men with conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute Fentanyl.

The criminal complaint states that Border Patrol was surveilling the “Refugio turnaround,” a known narcotics smuggling location, near Rio Grande City, that day.

At 7:31 p.m., agents say they saw someone walking around who they allege was scouting for law enforcement.

Just before 8 p.m., agents allege a white Chevrolet Silverado drove into the area followed by someone walking from a brushy area who delivered suspected drugs to the Silverado.

When agents tried to stop the vehicle, they allege it fled at a high rate of speed on Expressway 83 through Rio Grande City for several miles before two people bailed out, who they caught up with, according to a complaint.

“After Villarreal and Garza were apprehended, responding agents located a Red Monkey trucker style hat along the south side of U.S. Expressway 83. The agents observed that the hat appeared to be new and may have been worn by either Villarreal or Garza,” the complaint states.

Border Patrol says in that complaint that they did not read Villarreal his Miranda rights on Nov. 2 before the man agreed to show them where the drugs were through, which agents had not yet found.

“While at the Border Patrol station and during a non-Mirandized interview, Villarreal agreed to show agents where Villarreal and Garza had thrown a backpack containing suspected narcotics from the Silverado, however, Villarreal stated that he did not want his statements used against him,” the complaint states.

Border Patrol says they then drove him to the area where federal authorities say he told them where he threw the narcotics, which Border Patrol claims it was already searching, according to the complaint.

“After an extensive search of the general area identified by Villarreal, agents located eight (8) buundles, containing a white powdery substance, and an empty backpack several yards off of U.S. Expressway 83 along the same route that the Silverado had traveled whle fleeing agents,” the complaint states.

Border Patrol says the Fentanyl was found within 30 to 40 yards of the Red Monkey hat.

The suspects were read their rights on Nov. 3, according to the complaint.

Both men are being temporarily held without bond pending future court proceedings, records show.