Trip to closed Walmart for baby wipes ends in arrests

Jacob Joel Nieto and Junior Ivon Solis

With a bottle of liquor on ice in their vehicle, a late-night trip to a closed McAllen Walmart for baby wipes landed two men in jail on charges of resisting arrest.

The disturbance happened outside of the Walmart at 2800 W. Nolana on Oct. 26 when employees there called police because two people entered the store, which was closed, demanding to buy baby wipes, authorities say.

McAllen police charged 27-year-old Pharr resident Jacob Joel Nieto with two counts of harassment of a public servant and a count of resisting arrest. Junior Ivon Solis, a 32-year-old McAllen resident, is charged with resisting arrest.

When told the store was closed and there was no working cash register, one of the men became upset, saying, “Y’all (expletive) need to let me buy baby wipes the door open so it means the store is open for (expletive) business!” police say in the probable cause affidavit.

The officers tried to make contact with the man, who became belligerant, telling the officer in slurred speech, “You have no (expletive) business being here, we didn’t call you! We don’t have to tell you (expletive)!,” the affidavit states.

Police say they tried to get identification from the men, but both were uncooperative and appeared to be intoxicated.

When authorities handcuffed one of the men, police say the other man charged at them.

A woman also showed up at the Walmart who was with the men and she began to scream at the store’s entrance, police say. She was taken to jail but online jail records don’t list her as being charged.

Police say they found an open bottle of liqour on ice in the front right passenger floorboard of the vehicle the trio was in.

“As I transported Nieto he was making claims that he was inappropriately touched in his genital area by another officer, then redirected the same allegations toward me,” the affidavit states.

Police say they had to drag him to booking from the patrol car and used force in the booking area when Nieto allegedly spit on two officers after seeing the woman being escorted in to booking as she “was screaming and calling out to Nieto, and that set off Nieto again. Nieto then spit multiple times.”

Authorities say he later apologized for spitting.

“(The woman) was also escorted to the holding cell for incarceration in the cell beside Nieto as she continued to scream calling out ‘Jacob!’ as Nieto began to bang on the jail cell door. Then both continued to scream and bang on the doors therefore we completed the booking sheets by obtaining limited information from the system from prior arrests,” the affidavit states.