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Integrity questioned

What is wrong with people selected in the tabulation and certification of ballots in Hidalgo County having been convicted of felonies, integrity be damned? If you are a Democrat, you can have DWIs, try to board airplanes with loaded handguns, exempt yourself from wearing a mask at a hair salon, assault women sexually, do I really need to go on?

In today’s democracy the lie becomes the truth and their hypocrisy knows no bounds; just ask the woman who accused Joe Biden of such an assault. The woman who accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to be believed, had to be heard according to Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono. Biden’s accuser got an audience of crickets; I guess her claim was not as valid — oh wait: she accused a Democrat.

Jake Longoria


Hegar thanked

Keep it up, M.J. Hegar! At a time when our heroes tend to be entertainers and athletes who pick up their paychecks and go home every day to enjoy their lives, it’s very moving to know a real hero who put her life on the line for her country.

I notice that Mr. Longoria (letters, Oct. 18) didn’t say whether he had ever served in the military. Perhaps you can explain to him why it is that you got your medals.

Thank you and I’m proud of you.

Francisco M. Alvarez


What is pro-life?

What does the phrase “pro-life” mean? To most, I assume it means anti-abortion. To me, being pro-life means to make life as wonderful as possible. For that reason, many have accused me of being a Democrat.

A child was born in Fort Worth in February 2019 with a major heart problem. There is no cure and the infant will suffer until it dies. Is keeping the child alive humane or inhumane to the infant? If the child were an animal and not a human, they would end the suffering. Is continuing the suffering for too long called pro-life? Pro-life for whom?

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick suggests the elderly should die to save the economy from coronavirus. Is that what Republicans mean when they say they are pro-life?

The Republican Party supports taking toddlers and children away from their parents and putting them in cages because they were born in the wrong country and have brown skins. Is that what they mean when they run on the pro-life platform?

The Republicans of Texas are in the courts to take away government health insurance for the middle class and poor. Is this what “love thy neighbor” means? Let all elected officials be given Medicaid and no other insurance. And don’t cover preexisting conditions. Eliminate all the positive parts of Obamacare for the GOP.

The governor is chauffeured around in a stretch limo and many Texans are standing in food lines. We are better than some Third World dictatorship.

It has been said that if men had babies, abortions would be a sacrament and performed on the altar. Men should let women and their doctor make their own decisions about their bodies. Watching little children starve to death is not pro-life. I am glad I am pro-choice.

Hank Shiver


Vote out Democrats

It is absolutely disgusting and totally unfair to the American citizenry the way the mainstream media, social media companies and the supposedly unbiased debate commission are trying to manipulate the upcoming presidential election. These folks are censoring the news and are openly biased against President Trump.

There seems to be very little, if any, real investigative journalism occurring in the mainstream media.

In point of reference, during the NBC town hall with the president the so-called moderator, Savannah Guthrie, apparently had no idea the president had condemned white supremacists, the KKK and other terrorist groups numerous times on national television. Was she incompetent and completely oblivious to this as an NBC commentator/journalist, or did it just not matter since she was trying to reinforce a Democratic talking point about him being a racist? She was rude with the president as well as apparently being incompetent.

The American public deserves truth that is not distorted by biased opinions espoused by the mainstream media and Democratic Party. Today, take a grain of salt with any so-called news coming through the media because the blatant outright bias is getting worse and worse.

The Valley has been Democratic probably since records have been kept. Currently, two of our Valley representatives have demonstrated that they are unlikely to ever support the president in anything.

This country was built on compromise and cooperation and these seem to be in short supply in our current political climate. It might be time to re-introduce these qualities by changing our own local representatives.

There are some well-qualified Republican candidates on the ballots running for Congress against our current representatives. Research these candidates and let’s make some changes in the political climate in the Valley by voting them into office. We could use some changes. Vote!

Melvin L. Thompson


Attention to Valley

Hidalgo County GOP Secretary Hilda Garza DeShazo claims Democrats are scared of the GOP because they bought historic ads in South Texas. Why would they, if for 100 years this area has been Democratic?

Those ads are a reminder for the People of South Texas that they are important to the Democratic Party. Do you really expect people to believe that their actually was a 1,000-car caravan? I saw one with maybe at the most 12 driving north on FM 88.

Do the Republicans honestly believe they will make a significant dent in the political map in the Valley? The Democratic Party has always paid attention to The Valley.

Jesus Rodriguez


Concerned for nation’s future

Intelligence and actions matter and in today’s smaller world; all of the people of the whole world are affected to some degree, whether it is by innovation, climate change, wars, nuclear annihilation or incompetence of the leaders.

President Trump seems to be driving our tech businesses out of America and into our enemy’s hands by changing the H-1B visas. I wonder if he has stopped importing cheap labor for his golf courses and hotels. I read somewhere where their deportation was a threat by his companies to control their loyalties.

I am not a fan of China’s form of government, but you have to admire their history of wisdom and their leader’s strong commitment to their country. While we are mired in this continued COVID-19 pandemic, China seems to be able to control the virus to some extent and continue the country’s economic growth. With a recent hotspot of the virus located in one of their northeast cities, they tested 9 million people in only five days. Their gross domestic product growth for the third quarter was 4.9% compared to last year’s GDP. Ours was 2.1%. By the end of 2020, the International Monetary Fund forecasts that China’s GDP will reach $15.5 trillion, whereas the U.S. GDP will reach $22.3 trillion. This implies an incremental GDP of $12.7 trillion for China and an incremental GDP of $8.5 trillion for the U.S. during the 14 years from 2006 to 2020.

Our survival depends on us as a nation getting control of COVID-19 and restoring our economy to a growing, vibrant and innovating economy. By remaining in this era of political mischief we are doomed to pay a horrible price now and for our future children. The practice of selfishness of our citizens claiming they have rights to do anything they want, e.g., not wearing masks, greeting others with a hug or air kissing, gathering in large numbers and on and on.

I hate to say this about our Great Country, but if we don’t change, we could wind up like Venezuela.

My solution to this problem: Change the elected officials and impeach some judges.

Bill Williams


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