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Not playing same game

In February 2016 Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away.

In March 2016, six months before the presidential election, President Obama nominated Merrick Garland to replace Justice Scalia. Mitch McConnell, Senate minority leader, was instrumental in rejecting the request. His reason: Wait another six months and have the incoming president nominate someone.

Now that Ruth Ginsberg has passed away and the presidential election is taking place in one month, President Trump has already named a woman to take Ginsberg’s place.

How convenient! This is to show the American public how it’s done: dirty politics, and totally unethical.

Pete Romero


Trump illness not surprising

In a shocking but not surprising turn of events, President Trump tested positive for COVID-19, after months of downplaying the disease and refusing to practice the guidelines of health experts because in his mind it was a show of weakness. He even publicly mocked Joe Biden for wearing a mask and blasted him, claiming Biden was hiding in his basement. Trump even got rid of all the health experts because they kept contradicting what he wanted them to say about the virus. He went as far as to replace them with another yes man, Dr. Scott Atlas, who is not an infectious health expert, but he reports anything Mr. Trump wants him to tell the public about the virus.

Let’s just pray that Mr. Trump and his wife pull through this.

Jesus Rodriguez


Biden opposed

The “tale of the tape” is as important in boxing as it is in politics. In the Trump vs. Biden match we have numerous accomplishments by the current president that have been ignored by the media, such as moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and making great peace treaties between Israel and the Arab states, something the Obama-Biden duo could never muster.

I could go on about the pre-COVID America but that would be pointless; truth is President Trump I firmly believe can put the U.S.A. back on the right track and Biden can’t, plain and simple.

Biden has been a career politician for 47 years and hasn’t much to show for it other than a history of being wrong, pro segregation, anti-busing of Black children to White schools, and the list goes on.

Four years vs. 47 and Biden has yet to get things right.

In his own words, “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.”

That 1977 quip shows Biden’s record and support of racial divisiveness. An old timer once said a leopard can’t change his spots; neither can Joe Biden.

Joaquin Longoria


Our votes the only truth

The president’s impeachment, rallies over racial injustice, President Trump downplaying the seriousness of the coronavirus, comparing it to the flu, when he already knew the seriousness of it. Undermining the health experts, the FDA and CDC.

And now, the man who occupies the most powerful job in the world contracting this vicious virus. Unbelievable!

Please go vote. Our voice is the only true thing in all of this chaos!

Mary Martinez


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