LETTERS: Blaming Antifa; Missed warning; Columns not liked; Misplaced optimism; Stunning statement; Thought police; Unborn matter

Blaming Antifa

President Trump keeps blaming Antifa for the nationwide violence. But is it even an organization? And does it engage in terrorism?

Antifa is a word not many Americans had ever even heard of until a few weeks ago. Trump blamed “ANTIFAled anarchists” for the violence and looting after the George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis. Antifa has not come up in connection with any activities in any of the riots or protests in this country. Yet Trump keeps blaming Antifa for it. He even blamed the 75-yearold man whom the police pushed away and knocked down for being an “ANTIFA Provocateur.”

So my question to Mr. Trump is, why haven’t any ANTIFA members been arrested? Could it be that Mr. Trump has created this phantom terrorist group to deflect his inability as president of the United States to control this crisis?

Jesus Rodriguez


Missed warning

Apart from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the 45th president has made things worse with the everpresent COVID-19. I know many people think he is not responsible for the mass quantity of people in the U.S. who have died, but he could have done better.

Possibly, if he had not eliminated the National Security Council and demoted its pandemic experts in May 2018, they would have served as an early-warning system for impending pandemics.

He authorized John Bolton to do away with that office. Even Dr. Anthony Fauci told Congress that their absence could have been needed.

The president was asked about the decision to shut down the unit and as usual, he denied knowing anything about it. Being complacent and completely oblivious about the situation has not helped. At the beginning he mentioned that it was a new hoax started by the Democrats.

By trying to blame China for the virus, the president is trying to convey a message: that China is to blame. Dr. Fauci, on the contrary, recently stated that China is not directly responsible for the virus.

Pete Romero


Columns not liked

I don’t understand why you keep printing Ruben Navarrette’s columns. Ninety-five percent of the time I don’t read them.

He is like a man who sees a house on fire. He sits on the curb across the street and goes, “Someone should call the fire department.” Then he sees that people are hurt and says, “Someone should help those people.” Then he’ll end with, “It’s too bad their house burned, but they never cut their grass.”

To put it mildly, I find his columns obnoxious.

Francisco M. Alvarez


Misplaced optimism

The Monitor, June 17: Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas can handle a spike in COVID-19 cases. There are plenty of beds for patients. So he must be planning to get those beds full as soon as possible.

I guess the message is loud and clear: Let’s get everything open. Go out to the stores, mingle in crowds, party till you drop, and for Heaven’s sake follow the president’s and vice president’s example and don’t wear a protective mask, even when meeting with the most important officials who are using them. Never mind that many cases are now in younger adults 18 to 40, who bring the nasty little bugs home to mothers, grandmothers and even babies.

Just think what a burden a 25-year-old would carry for life if he or she survived but mom and the baby didn’t!

Look at the data for Texas. COVID-19 in the Rio Grande Valley is again spiking. It’s time to act like real adults and accept the hard choices. Even basic protective measures can save a lot of lives and misery until we get a treatment or vaccine.

David Hanson


Stunning statement

I just caught a comment from our governor, Greg Abbott, in reference to the news of the increasing number of COVID-19 infections in the state of Texas, to the effect that this should not be any cause of worry because Texas has a large number of hospital beds to accommodate all these potential victims.

To be frank, I was stunned to read this comment coming from the governor, who should take steps to minimize the possibility of people getting infected rather than bragging about increasing numbers of such victims finding space in a hospital.

Apparently, this kind of pronouncement matches those incoherent mumblings of President Trump covering all topics related to current and past epidemics, such as injecting bleach or having already developed a vaccine for HIV.

We expect our elected officials to work to maximize the welfare of those who elected them, and take pride to encourage self-destructive behavior resulting in increased numbers of hospitalizations certainly does not fall in that category.

Gouranga Ganguli


Thought police

Your First Amendment right to free speech no longer exists. That right has now been criminalized by the thought police.

Freedom of thought, expression and conscience are now thought crimes. You will be canceled out, petitioned, fired from your job, docked or mobbed because you are not aligned with the thought police. You must now conform to group think or suffer their consequences.

As judge, jury and executioner, the thought police will define what are “right and wrong” expressions. Remember the thought police are everywhere, they are watching, and waiting to take away your First Amendment right to free speech.

Isaac Garza


Unborn matter

What’s with all the Black Lives Matter signs at the rally in Minnesota? I’m 80 years old, Thanks be to God, and I have never heard, seen or read anyone saying that Black lives do not matter.

All lives matter. That includes the millions of aborted unborn being murdered in the name of women’s health. Shame!

Jose Coronado