LETTERS: Cases climb; Fighting poverty; Racism is a right; News wanted about Guillen; Adoption is justice

Cases climb

I’ve begun to hear certain people in power blurt out the same rhetoric as if it was from the same bullhorn: There are more cases of COVID-19 because there has been more testing.

Of course there are more cases! A primary reason why is because government began to reopen businesses too early.

Another reason is because our great Gov. Greg Abbott has said he won’t enforce the laws, but he shames the youth for not following the rules.

Sometimes I think I live in the Twilight Zone, where things just can’t be this crazy, where people in power are given a script to repeat over and over again, hoping that the populace eats it up.

Please don’t eat it up, or drink the Kool-aid.

China is getting a surge again; this thing is not over. Please, please, do not go out; stay at home, social distance, wear masks and gloves, wash hands and clothes daily, etc.

Don’t let the ignorant rhetoric of Trump, Abbott and Cortez fool you. It’s all about profits over people for them.

Phil Garcia


Fighting poverty

Extreme poverty is an issue that has taken the world by storm; individuals don’t wish to look at the prevailing issue that we face or might say, “It is too big an issue to handle on our own.”

There is more that we can do as individuals and as a community, which is participating as advocates for extreme poverty such as the Borgen Project does.

The Borgen Project aims to eradicate extreme poverty through the power of advocacy and speaking to our congressional representatives (Senate: Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, House of Representatives, Vicente Gonzalez), as they are much more than just politicians. They are individuals who can cosponsor bills that help those abroad.

The Borgen Project aims to mobilize individuals to make our voices heard to create change abroad.

Also, another way to help is through donating to the project. As an ambassador of the project I do not receive a penny, but it is used to fuel the fight against extreme poverty.

Why as a reader would you want to do such a thing? Eradicating extreme poverty aids in adding economic opportunities with foreign investment and develop nations that suffer from this.

“We need to stop viewing it as an aid. It’s an investment,” says former secretary of defense Chuck Hagel, R-Neb.

Eradicating extreme poverty aids in reducing the recruitment of innocent young minds for terrorist groups, as sometimes this is the only source of income that is available in those countries. But with foreign aid or foreign investment, this would not be the case anymore!

This is not a “they” fight; this is an “us” fight, and we too can help!

For more information on getting involved with the project or donations contact: f[email protected] (956) 616-8711

Frank Lopez


Racism is a right

Get ready to tell me off.

Racism is the belief that groups of humans possess different behavioral traits corresponding to physical appearance and should be divided based on the superiority of one race over another.

Read that again: Racism is a belief, just like your belief in God, Buddha, Gandhi, Santa Claus or the tooth fairy. You can’t stop that. Racism (although wrong and ignorant) is an individual’s right to think however he chooses to think about anyone else. It’s also called freedom.

It’s an individual’s right to be a chauvinist, feminist, racist, etc. Racism is an individual’s opinion or perception of another person. If you love your right to free speech, religion, press, assembly, etc., you absolutely must respect others’ right to believe and think what they want.

You can’t govern morals or thoughts. You can’t stop people from watching porn, smoking, fornicating, drinking, being stingy or liking the Dallas Cowboys! That’s their right, no matter how wrong you think they may be and that freedom is what makes America great.

The only time I care about racism is if it gets physical or involves any type of negative action in a government, public or official capacity (employment, public transit, restaurant service, school administration, etc.) simply based on skin color.

Now that’s BS, but if my neighbor doesn’t like me because I’m Hispanic, I wouldn’t waste one millisecond even thinking about it. The issue is when you work for anyone else or represent a company or business you must leave your racism at home and by the door. When employed you are no longer afforded that right. However, the moment you get home I could care less what you think, support or believe.

Now, law enforcement as a whole absolutely cannot be racist in the scope of its governmental position, but if an individual person is racist, I don’t care. I don’t care what flag they wave, what church they attend, whom they sleep with, what they smoke or drink and I sure do not care what they think of me or my nationality, race or creed and neither should you.

If we all respected each other’s right to love or hate, we would at least have peace.

Hortencia Camargo


News wanted about Guillen

Why, after two months-plus missing, do we not hear about Pfc. Vanessa Guillen? Is there a reason for a few references made here and there but no big media coverage? I read about it on Facebook.

I see pictures of a distraught mother by herself. Why doesn’t her story get the coverage others have received? Fear is a factor; it seems to be the new norm.

I personally want more coverage and I’m very upset that the media aren’t all over this young lady’s plight.

Rosemary Yzaguirre


Adoption is justice

We act so superior, as if we control our lives. Our ancestors came from the prisons of Europe to die in an unknown land. We were thieves, cutthroats and every kind of criminal possible. They emptied their prisons and put us on ships to die in a foreign land.

All the females who seek abortions should have their babies put up for adoption. In the process they should be sterilized since out government is funding abortion clinics. If you want a child later, then adopt one. You didn’t care about killing your baby, why should you care whose baby you adopt?

Justice for all. Remember we all face God’s justice!

Joe Miller