Edinburg gives tax break to homeowners

EDINBURG — The city council approved a measure that will offer homeowners here some property tax relief amid a pandemic that has roiled the economy.

Edinburg council members unanimously approved the City of Edinburg COVID-19 Property Tax Relief Exemption, which will essentially subtract $5,000 from a family’s homestead valuation, staff announced in a news release Wednesday.

The tax break is meant to give Edinburg homeowners some financial relief as a result of massive job cuts, Edinburg Mayor Richard Molina said in the statement.

“People are facing real financial hardships during this pandemic,” Molina said, noting the council wants to ease that burden. “People have lost their jobs and are struggling to pay their mortgages. They have enough to worry about … ”

The measure allows homeowners who qualify for homestead exemption to save an additional $5,000 on their property valuations, officials said.

Staff estimated it will cost the city approximately $800,000 to offer this tax relief to its residents.

Those who already have a Homestead Exemption status will automatically receive the savings, officials said.  Those who are not sure if they have the exemption, can check their status by visiting www.hidalgoad.org, clicking on “Property Search” and entering their home’s address.

“If you see ‘HS’ under the exemption category, no further action is needed,” Edinburg city staff said in the news release.

Those who don’t have it, can apply for homestead exemption by downloading forms at  http://www.hidalgoad.org/forms/50-114.pdf and submitting them, along with the proper documentation, to the Hidalgo County Appraisal District for consideration beginning January 2021.

“We hope providing some tax relief will help everyone as they get back on their feet,” Molina said.