LETTERS: Opponents are bitter; Saw wielder draws support; Recent letter draws praise; Join campaign to raise wages

Opponents are bitter

The anti-Trump disgruntled, elitist, old political relics used their time in history immersed in the Washington swamp accomplishing zero for America.

Their time in office was mostly spent advancing their pocketbook and status, never about “we the people.” They came into government with an average American net worth and became millionaires.

Take a look at the fortunes they made, writing selfserving books, and the luxurious homes they live in now, buying millions in luxurious properties at Martha’s Vineyard and other millionaire and billionaire affordable properties.

While in office they were becoming millionaires at the expense of the forgotten Americans. Their rage comes from the fact that President Trump has never needed to exploit the forgotten Americans; most never mention he donates his entire salary to good causes and works tirelessly to advance them.

These old did-nothing relics are embittered by their own failure to care about making America great, because they were making their pocketbooks great instead. They can’t fool “we the people.”

Imelda Coronado


Saw wielder draws support

We’ve all seen the news.

Rioters, looters, murderers in major cities across the nation. They wreak havoc on businesses by destroying, burning and stealing everything. And now it comes to McAllen.

Please tell me, how did Mr. Daniel Peña know what the intentions were of those protestors (June 7)? Oh, boo hoo, he ripped a sign out of a protestor’s hand. He held a chainsaw and yelled at them go home! (Probably to the basement where they live with their mommy and daddy).

Mayor Jim Darling apologizes to the protestors, saying we will not tolerate such conduct in our city!

He’ll tolerate protestors antagonizing a business owner who brings revenue into the city, but he excuses the protestors (with unknown intentions)!

Answer me this: How many of them were there?

What were their intentions?

Did they have a permit to gather/protest/march in downtown McAllen? Are we to take a knee when someone threatens us at our business, or worse, our home?

This is America! Equal justice under the law. Don’t even tell me those protesters had good intentions when they began to harass Mr. Peña. A retired police officer was murdered in Minneapolis trying to protect his friend’s business. Was Mr. Daniel Peña next?

We are sick of the double standard. Please join Joanna and me (and a large group of unknown people) at 8 a.m. every day to stop and pray for our families, our city, our friends, the people who protect us every day our government officials.

Only God can change the hearts of people.

So tell me: Is the destruction of businesses and killing of people going to make things better? Mr. Peña, there are a lot of people on your side. God bless you for standing up!

Scott Matthews


Recent letter draws praise

I would like to congratulate Al Garcia on his fine responses to Mr. Thompson and Mr. Rouillier letters.

What he wrote in the June 9 edition is how a lot of us Americans feel about President Trump.

If those two people could walk in the shoes of any minority, black or Hispanic, they never would have written those letters praising President Trump.

Jesus Rodriguez


Join campaign to raise wages

Political activist groups such as La Union del Pueblo Entero, among others, are gravely mistaken in their efforts to obtain American citizenship in one lump sum for the huge number of people in America illegally.

I am unable to understand the push to legalize new workers. Our own farm field migrant workers have been laboring for three generations in states across America, for miserably low wages.

I find it difficult to believe LUPE does not understand that an exodus of new workers will keep labor wages low. I hereby petition LUPE to join us in a united effort — a crusade for justice — and request that our Valley legislators in Washington D.C. initiate efforts to implement across America, a $14 per hour wage.

Our workers have paid their dues. Let us treat them as human brothers and sisters. It is time to act on this issue. An increase to $14 per hour will automatically increase prices of items we use and consume. We must simultaneously learn to shop wisely and save money.

We seek justice for all Americans.

Juan Diaz Aleman

La Villa