LETTERS: Letter answered; Lawlessness was allowed; Defy thugs, hoodlums; Interview Vietnam vets; Make people wear masks

Letter answered

In response to the letter from Mr. Jose Coronado (June 8): He claims that Mr. Trump was elected by the people. Well, he got one thing wrong; he got elected by the Electoral College. As you see, Mr. Coronado, Mrs. Clinton actually won the majority of the American votes.

As for Mr. Trump causing this world pandemic, no. But because of his failure to act and claim that this was a Democratic hoax, he failed as an American president to protect Americans. This has caused the deaths of more than 110,000 Americans.

This president is so fixated on Republic-good-Democrats-bad syndrome that it has clouded his judgment as a leader of this great country. Now he faces another crisis in less than four months: the demonstrations since the death of George Floyd. And again he has failed, calling in the military when he should have let the governors handle it themselves., by calling in the National Guard.

How many top active and non-active military personnel have voice their opinion against Mr. Trump’s actions? Gen. Colin Powell, who served under Republican President Bush, went on record as saying, President Trump had “drifted away” from the Constitution.

Yes, Mr. Coronado, Mr. Trump needs to resign. And for your information Vice President Pence would become the President; I believe he would do a better job serving Trump’s remaining time as president.

So Mr. Coronado, if Mr. Trump does the honorable thing and resigns, do you believe he would ask for a photo op like he did when he ordered that tear gas be thrown on peaceful protesters so he could get a photo op in front of the Church holding a bible?

Jesus Rodriguez


Lawlessness was allowed

The Democrat mayors and governors who deliberately allowed their cities to be ravaged could have stopped the carnage even before it started by allowing the police to do their job and even calling in the National Guard if necessary. The fact that they ordered the police to stand down and let the criminals take control makes them just as guilty as the cop who murdered George Floyd.

Robert Welz


Defy thugs, hoodlums

Under no circumstances are we as Americans to bend a knee to hoodlums and thugs. As the old Mexican saying goes; “It is better to die on you feet than to live on your knees.”

José C Coronado


Interview Vietnam vets

I appreciate the fact that you interview veterans of various branches of the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. In light of the current unrest, mostly due to the COVID pandemic, the interviewees relate to the fact that there is a guerrilla war within the borders of the U.S.

I couldn’t agree more.

The rioters hide behind citizens, young and old, male and female, even children, to further their cause. This is how a guerrilla war is carried out.

I haven’t seen any Vietnam veterans in the interviews. I think they should be included because they were in a guerrilla war, 24/7, for 365 days. This was their life. I am sure we could add a new perspective to your interviews.

A good example is the book “All Expenses Paid,” which conveys very well how it felt to face guerrillas every day. I think all Americans could benefit from reading this book, as many already have. It tells of the dangers combat personnel face in a guerrilla war, similar to the law enforcement personnel, but is much worse because Vietnam veterans faced the dangers all day for a year, in a foreign land, not able to return home after a shift of duty, and lived in the jungles and rice paddies. It’s quite a bit more difficult life.

I’m a long-time watcher of news broadcasts, a first-time e e-mailer, and thought I’d add to your great news coverage.

John Launer


Make people wear masks

I am continually amazed at the lack of understanding the public has in regard to the hazards of the COVID-19 on their lives and of their relatives!

Why are people here in the Valley going about their daily lives not wearing masks, staying six feet or more from total strangers and just ignoring the warnings of death and agonizing hospital stays?

The H-E-B stores have been leaders in protecting their workers, customers and the general public with their protocols dealing with the virus. But I went to one store recently and to my amazement, a lot of shoppers were not wearing masks! The employees were with masks, why not require masks for all shoppers during this hideous killer’s reign?

Also, Texas is rated close to the bottom of states if not the bottom in education excellence. Young people in Texas apparently do not learn history, or maybe it is not taught in schools. History tends to repeat if the public does not learn from the past. Case in point: President Nixon resigned the office Aug. 9, 1974.

Bill Williams