The state of Texas, in response to an emergency request from Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez, will send nurses from other parts of the state to support the staffing of at least one hospital in the county. 

“We have been monitoring our hospital capacity and have concluded that the medical workers who are working tirelessly in our community could use additional help,” county Judge Cortez said in a news release Sunday. “Therefore, late Friday I asked the Governor and the State’s Emergency Management Operation for help by providing additional medical personnel. This is welcome relief at a time when the number of people needing hospital care continues to rise.”

With details of the support still in conversation, the county will not name the hospital receiving the support yet, but according to the news release, all area hospitals are working together to secure support. 

Currently, positive cases are being compiled and processed by Hidalgo County epidemiologists and will be reported later to show the results from over the weekend. 

In addition to Sunday’s announcement, the Hidalgo County Office of Emergency Management issued a countywide alert via mobile devices, urging residents to stay home.

The alert read, “ATTENTION: The COVID-19 virus continues to spread across Hidalgo County. Please stay home. Protect yourself and others. If it is necessary to leave home, wear an appropriate facial covering and avoid gatherings with those outside your household. STAY HOME. STAY SAFE. STOP THE SPREAD. A message from the Hidalgo County Office of Emergency Management.