An additional 58 cases of COVID-19 were reported on Friday, bringing the total number of cases there to 541 — 414 of those being active.

The first 22 new cases include 13 women and nine men who range in age from 3 to 74 years old, according to Dr. Jose Vazquez, the county’s health authority.

They are residents of Roma, Rio Grande City and La Grulla, though the residence of some patients were not disclosed.

Those 22 results are all from tests conducted at the county’s drive-thru testing facility.

No demographic information was available for the other 36 cases reported Friday, as of press time. Those 36 results from tests administered at the mobile sites run by the Department of State Health Services, the Texas Division of Emergency Management and the Texas Military Department.

Officially, there have been three deaths there, however, there are two more that are pending residential confirmation before they are included in the official count.

Vazquez confirmed that two COVID-19 patients were in the hospital and one was in the emergency room.