LETTERS: Spend time with police; Officials attacked; Protests for justice

Spend time with police

To say that I was sickened by the horrible actions of the Minneapolis police officers that led to the death of George Floyd and dismayed by the nationwide and worldwide reactions the past weeks would be an understatement. The four police officers involved in Floyd’s death should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for their unlawful and inhumane treatment of him.

However, the broad-brush indictment of the hundreds of thousands of honest, hardworking law enforcement officers across this great nation of ours dismays me as well.

I will be the first to suggest that reforms may be in order for law enforcement in some agencies here in the United States. But, in the wake of everything that has transpired these past weeks, I have a challenge.

Early in my working life I spent more than 10 years in radio and television broadcast journalism. During those years, I often had to report on the activities of law enforcement. In order to adequately understand the conditions our officers experience, I spent hours riding with police officers, sheriff’s deputies and Department of Public Safety officers. I was often horrified to witness the stressful, dangerous and sometimes absolutely despicable situations that many of our officers must face every day and, often, more than once a day. Those experiences gave me a better understanding of the job these officers must do and resulted in better reporting. In many instances, my reporters and I helped root out improper practices by law enforcement officers and expose them to the benefit of all concerned.

My challenge is to all of those who are critical of law enforcement and to those who will be engaged in passing rulings and legislation to change the way law enforcement officers do their jobs: Go spend some time with law enforcement. Most police departments and sheriff’s departments have ride-along programs for that purpose. Go and take those rides to experience first-hand what these brave officers must face daily on the job. I did and it changed my opinion of law enforcement.

If you will take the time to understand law enforcement better, it will likely change your opinion as well.

Ray Norton


Officials attacked

I want to know what Hidalgo County officials are doing during this spike of COVID-19 cases. We have had almost 200 new confirmed cases in less than a week. This is ridiculous and all the county judge is doing is sending condolences and trying to scam the most money he can for the county.

We don’t need condolences; we need something to be done to flatten the curve.

I know Gov. Abbott, like President Trump, doesn’t care about the people of Texas and it’s becoming obvious that our Valley officials are the same. What a shame.

Julio Vasquez


Protests for justice

P eople worldwide united in a common cause R epresentative government confused, indifferent and at a loss O ppressions have led to marches, anger, despair T ransformational change is brewing in the air E veryone bore witness to what got us there S ociety now struggles to fix these ills T he numerous injustices can longer stand silent or be still S ometimes people are pushed too far and over the edge, and that is what has led us to this national change of will.

Guadalupe B. Rodriguez