LETTERS: Immunity not needed; Grateful for angry hearts; Fighting fascism

Immunity not needed

The Supreme Court needs to completely and totally eliminate that absolutely ridiculous blanket of protection called qualified immunity. It has been used only to look the other way when law enforcement partake in police brutality. It must be eliminated and erased from law.

The good cops absolutely do not care about that blanket protection because most law enforcement know what they’re trained to do and what is and isn’t within guidelines and will uphold the law at all costs and will not break them.

The true measure of any man (or woman) is giving them the power that comes behind a badge. The officers with good character and integrity will never abuse it; the others grotesquely will.

Lana Hortencia


Grateful for angry hearts

This is a letter a friend sent to her three teenage grandchildren who had very much wanted to join in the protests against police violence taking place in their large, metropolitan area, but who, after much discussion with their parents, decided against it due to the danger of exposure to COVID-19. I am very proud of my friend and her grandchildren: “Granddaddy and I are enormously proud of you. We are thankful for your decision to stay home and protect your family from the virus. That is not an easy choice and you certainly are not alone in having to make it. A black friend has a 17-year-old grandson who has wanted desperately to be on the streets; he finally chose to stay home to read and write about the issues.

“But your hearts — your loving, angry hearts — are there.

“We have seen many demonstrations since 1968 — and been in a few — but never have seen so many concerned young (and not-so-young) white people involved.

“You will continue to be involved as you talk with your friends and seek ways to bring justice and opportunity to everyone. AND, AS YOU VOTE.

“Long after you are able to return to your normal activities, we know that you will carry on the struggle. Because of that, we believe that great and good change will come in the future. We won’t live to see much of it but we know that your children will.

“We thank God for you and your loving, angry hearts.”

Cory Raymond


Fighting fascism

Antifa is being declared a domestic terrorist organization by Bill Barr and Donald Trump. Some have called the Allied D-Day military invasion the largest Antifa action in history.

Donald Trump was raised by a man who once was arrested following a KKK rally, Fred Trump. Both Trumps totally opposed having to integrate housing units they owned. Chris Barker, KKK leader, claims the hate group has grown at a record pace since Trump became president. They have a fellow traveler in the White House.

Unite the Right was a protest to emphasize white power. The neo-Nazis, the Proud Boys, KKK, alt-right and other hate groups were at the Charlottesville march against removing Confederate statues endorsing racism. They wanted the statue to remain or there would be heavy damage to the town. Their overt hatred of Jews and blacks cannot be disputed.

What did Trump say about the groups? Trump said that “you also had people that were very fine people, on both sides.” There are no fine Proud Boys, KKK members, neo-Nazis, alt-right or Unite the Right.

The planned 1933 fascist coup in America was planned by the Wall Street money people to get rid of a liberal president. Their descendants own the GOP. Trump now has his wall around the White House and a bunker to go to when the American public scares him too much.

Our republic is in danger.

Hank Shiver