Hidalgo County’s new online dashboard breaks down local virus data

EDINBURG — Hidalgo County launched a COVID-19 dashboard Wednesday detailing statistics on the pandemic’s spread through the area.

The new information includes daily case counts, testing statistics, hospitalization numbers, and demographic information like where the infected live, gender and age.

The COVID-19 dashboard is available at https://www.hidalgocounty.us/coronavirusupdates.

“Many of our constituents have been asking for more data and analysis during the pandemic,” Hidalgo County Judge Richard F. Cortez . “This new dashboard will provide them with a wide range of numbers and statistics in an easy to view format.”

Of the county’s 2,130 confirmed cases, 761 have been released from isolation and 1,344, or 63.1% are still active. A total of 25 people with the virus have died, accounting for 1.2%.

The dashboard shows that currently 983 of the cases are men, accounting for 46.2% of the cases. Women account for 1,136 of the cases, or 53.4%.

Charts on the dashboard show a dramatic increase in cases from the first week in June until the present, along with a steady increase in intensive care unit occupation rate from the second week in June. Currently, 163 individuals with the virus in the county have been hospitalized, 16 of whom are in ICU.

Edinburg leads county municipalities with the most positive cases at 346, about 16.2% of the total number. McAllen and Mission are tied for second place with 309 apiece, with Pharr following with 300.

Donna, however, has the highest number of cases for identified municipalities proportionate to its population. Its 101 cases account for .60803% of its residents.

So far, 20 year olds make up the highest infected age group with 434 cases.

There are also currently 163 undisclosed cases, a category that includes areas of residence county officials feel has too few residents to identify.

So far, 36,245 tests have been administered. Of those, 2,130 were positive, 32,707 were negative and 2,656 remain pending.