LETTERS: Pandemic takes toll; Higher wages will end racism; Focus on the bill

Pandemic takes toll

The United States is equipped with the best medical expertise in the world! Our scientists and medical physicians are top of the line in their field!

By following the federal coronavirus guidelines: staying home, distance socializing, hand washing and wearing a face mask, we will be safe until a vaccine is produced. And we will have one!

The “stay at home mandate” has brought strange, idiotic things to so many of us. I have now become my Mom — why aren’t you shaving? What’s with eating tamales and ice cream so often? Why aren’t you as stressed as I am with all of this?

After three months of this stayat- home mandate, my husband and I are not liking each other too much.

Not really! I’m just envious of his stress-free, cool disposition! Stay safe!

Mary Martinez


Higher wages will end racism

I am a union guy, retired in the Valley thanks to my union pension. I worked in St. Paul and Minneapolis and many of my friends there are protesting the cop murder of George Floyd. I am happy to see so many Valley residents doing the same.

I’m 78 years old. Spent half my life on picket lines and job fights. I see the politicians already wringing their hands and furrowing their brows about how we resolve racism and this murderous, hateful society Big Business has imposed on us all.


Here’s a clue: Dog-eat-dog competition for work is a killer.

Poverty kills. We see it again because of another murder.

George Floyd deserved to be at work, working a $32-an-hour job. The cops should have been at a ballgame.

How did this competitive, dog-eat-dog Big Business culture devolve into murder?

Lean Production has given us the Lean Society. We now have 140 million Americans in poverty according to the Poor Peoples Campaign.

How do we fix that? What can we tell the politicos that they need to do to stop racism and murder?

We just saw RGV business people trying to attract Elon Musk here. Inviting him here are people who think the slave maquiladora wages should be the basis for labor and a major attraction for investment.

Last year I visited autoworkers who were on strike in Matamoros. They were making $6 a day! We need a social justice, moral government that will put us all back to work at jobs that pay $32 an hour. That is the answer to racism, because when we work together we work together. And when we get a just wage, our families, our kids and our communities enjoy happy lives.

Tom Laney

Catholic Distributist UAW Local 879 Mercedes

Focus on the bill

There is something very fishy about the beginning of the George Floyd saga. He is supposed to have been arrested originally for trying to pass a counterfeit $20 bill.

Counterfeit money is intended to deceive, and it is easy to mistake a counterfeit bill for the real thing. When someone is caught trying to pass a counterfeit bill, the police usually examine the bill to see if it is really counterfeit, confiscate it if it is, then ask the person arrested where he got it and where he has been shopping.

If it turns out that multiple counterfeits are involved, he is probably a criminal and he is arrested. If there is only one counterfeit bill, he probably got it innocently in change, and he is turned loose.

Why didn’t this happen in George Floyd’s case? There has got to be more to the story. Why aren’t the mainstream media asking that question and giving us the answer?

J.P. Harrison