In this file photo,BISD students dance during the annual BISD Childrens Parade. This year Charter School will not be allowed to participate in the annual parade, so the district can accommodate schools in its district. (Miguel Roberts/The Brownsville Herald)

BROWNSVILLE —The Brownsville Independent School District announced this year charter schools will no longer be included in the BISD Children’s Charro Days Parade, which is set for Feb. 27.

Parents of children who attend charter schools expressed their discontent via social media and shared the letter they received from Jubilee Academies notifying them of the change.

“This notification saddens us as we know our students and families have truly enjoyed being part of this annual event. Our students and staff dedicate countless hours preparing their dance routines and gathering their outfits to ensure a strong presence in the parade,” Flor Robinson, associate superintendent, said in the letter.

A statement sent to Jubilee by BISD states the reason for the change is because they want to keep the intent and the history of the original agreement.

“The agreement with Charro Days Fiesta, Inc., is for the Brownsville Independent School District to organize and host a children’s parade on Thursday afternoon of the Charro Days week. In recent years exceptions have been made by BISD that have allowed non-district schools to participate. This year, in keeping with the intent and the history of the original agreement, the district has decided to not include charter schools,” the statement reads.

Jules Cantu, who has children in Jubilee Academy, said in a social media post she does not know whether to be disappointed or angry. She said at the end of the day they are all public schools with a common goal of servicing the communities for the children.

“Please know they are not shutting the door on a school — but on our children, who have worked and practiced endlessly on routines for this special occasion,” she wrote. “I am ashamed of our community and Charro Days Fiesta Inc, which is so cherished by Brownsville and our neighbors across the border for 83 years now.

“Charro days is an annual celebration to recognize the friendship and unity Brownsville and Matamoros hold with one another. It’s sad that Brownsville Independent School District cannot extend this same courtesy to the charter schools in town.”

In a statement posted on its Facebook page, BISD said they decided to limit performances by BISD entries only to better accommodate the many campuses eligible to participate. BISD said the parade is not carried out in association with any other organization.

“The Brownsville Independent School District is extremely proud of the decades-long tradition of hosting its Annual BISD Children’s Parade during Charro Days festivities,” the statement reads. “In order to better accommodate the many campuses eligible to participate, it was decided to limit performances to BISD entries only. The students and staff of the participating BISD schools spend many hours practicing and preparing for their performances. We invite the community to continue to acknowledge and support their efforts.”

In a statement, Charro Days Fiesta said they have not made any notification to Jubilee Academia about the BISD Parade.

“Charro Days Fiesta, Inc. has no input, directly or indirectly, with BISD in regard to their parade, traditionally held on Thursday afternoon during Charro Days,” the statement reads.