LETTERS: Impeachment is a distraction; Statistics on warming; Immigrants over citizens

Impeachment is a distraction

The impeachment process reminds me of the movie “Alice Through the Looking Glass.” Black is white, up is down. Nothing makes sense. The impeachment is a distraction from events that need additional scrutiny and investigation.

For example, when James Comey stated that Mrs. Hillary Clinton deleted thousands of emails after a subpoena and returned phones damaged with no sim cards, she didn’t have any intent. Could President Trump use that excuse?

The Democrats claim President Trump was guilty of a quid pro quo with Ukraine. Their president stated he wasn’t pressured. The hold up of aid was about corruption. Trump wanted to know what steps Ukraine was taking to correct this problem.

Joe Biden stated on video that he is a tough guy. He actually committed quid pro quo by saying Ukraine needed to fire a prosecutor or he wouldn’t give them the aid. Obama never did give any military aid, but he did give them blankets. Did Joe Biden need to be investigated?

The articles of impeachment are based on speculation and assumptions. No court would ever convict and this is just a waste of time and money.

How many investigations have we endured and how many more will the Democrats initiate?

They say Trump misused the power of his office. The reality is Congress has misused its power with the constant harassment of the president, since before he took office. The Democrats won’t accept the fact that he won and continue to make up issues that are false. They may not like him personally; but that is no reason for impeachment.

Eugene DeSutter


Statistics on warming

Editor: I am writing in hopes of creating awareness

of global warming, the increase of the earth’s average surface temperature due to innumerous atrocities against mother nature, and the direct effects implied in our community.

Based on 2017 statistics from Climate Central, Texas is home to nine of the hottest cities in the United States, with McAllen in second place for the entire country. In that same year, pollution increased 27 percent, and Texas Tribune reported that Texas is the second biggest water contaminator in the country.

These are just simple, unbelievable facts that even appear to be false; however, global warming is a real complication that needs to be addressed now or never.

In this case, previously mentioned statistics are the main factors of causing global warming. As a community, we shall take action to reduce these statistics and care for our Texas that we call home.

One of the ways we can contribute to the world is as simple as checking our tire inflation, carpooling, not pouring fat from cooking pan to sink, only washing dishes when you have a full load and even minimizing detergent and liquid softener additions to the washing machine.

Therefore, nature urges the community to make a change, to save the planet. If these statistics do not convince you, population, then nothing will.

Monserrat Ozuna


Immigrants over citizens

Why is it that the people we elect to represent us favor the illegal immigrants over American citizens and other legal residents?

How can a “more bridges, no wall” mentality make sense from those who profess to represent us?

Jose C. Coronado