LETTERS: Party for convict garners comment; Order on Israel draws criticism; Catholic hypocrite; Why hatred at president?

Party for convict garners comment

Regarding your Dec. 17 “Our Shame: editorial, all that can be said is that if you supported any of them and are not willing to stand up and admit you were fooled like I was, then you must be a large part of the problem.

Since these scofflaws, in the vast majority, ran as Democrats, it is laughable, on a local basis only, to criticize Republicans for anything other than failure to expose them.

When I read of the party given for a convicted felon by these fellow elected or appointed officials and members of the legal profession, I almost threw up. When an elected official makes a conscious effort to break the law, I would have thought these “friends” would have shunned them like the plague, either to express their disapproval or hide their complicity.

I can only hope that the list of those at that party was sent to the FBI.

Ned Sheats


Order on Israel draws criticism

An open letter to President Trump: As a proud member of the American Jewish community, I ask you to cancel plans to sign an executive order that purports to fight anti-Semitism while only reinforcing anti-Semitic stereotypes that suggest that Jews are not loyal to the countries where we live, and threatening First Amendment rights.

Your executive order will actively fuel the rising tide of white nationalism and violence against Jews. To those Americans who harbor mistrust of their Jewish neighbors, this executive order gives credence to their belief that Jews are guilty of not just dual loyalty but principal loyalty to the state of Israel, as opposed to the United States or any other country where Jews live.

Too many Jews throughout history have lost their lives or have been expelled because of this unconscionable falsehood.

You have regularly stood behind the First Amendment rights of white nationalists who express hatred of Jews. America is not a

country where the president gets to decide who is afforded the freedom of speech on the basis of whether he agrees with the person doing the speaking.

I hereby add my name to the millions of others who oppose this executive order.

Alan Fiszman


Catholic hypocrite

Nancy Pelosi is such a hypocrite; she hides behind the cloak of Catholic doctrine; when asked if she hated President Trump, Pelosi responded basically that Catholics don’t hate anyone.

She should also remember that Catholic doctrine opposes abortion, yet she and her party are both prochoice.

Her hypocrisy knows no bounds, as she commented after the Supreme Court appointment of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, “I think there’s a lot to be concerned about, because even if the court decides a certain way, the states are doing their own dangerous things for a woman’s right to choose.”

You cannot have it both ways, Speaker Pelosi; you either support Catholic doctrine fully and not just when it suits you or leave the church.

Jake Longoria


Why hatred at president?

How stupid is the left? With the economy the best it’s been ever, much higher than the great Obama, more women, people of color all getting jobs, ISIS destroyed, oil produced from our own country and more factories coming back to America, why all the hatred? Why not some positive reactions?

Hillary lost; get over it!

Bill Rouillier