Hidalgo ISD addresses video altercation between students

HIDALGO — Hidalgo ISD on Friday addressed a video that appears to show a physical altercation between students at Hidalgo Early College High School.

The video, which is circulating widely on social media, shows a student standing above a seated student. The standing student smiles before striking the seated student, sending his glasses flying from his face.

After a moment, the seated student hits back, a struggle ensues and one of the students appears to be knocked into the camera.

The school district issued a statement in response to the video but did not delve into the details of the incident. It did, however, confirm that the incident is under investigation.

“An incident at Hidalgo ISD occurred yesterday (Thursday) involving several students at Hidalgo Early College High School,” the statement read. “Administration at Hidalgo ISD has launched a full investigation alongside the Hidalgo Police Department. Due to FERPA regulations, the District cannot further comment on incidents involving students.”

The statement also referenced the video of the incident.

“In addition, a video was spread throughout social media involving the students during the incident. Please keep in mind, posting and sharing of the video is a direct violation of the student’s rights and privacy laws and we urge you to report any videos to the proper authorities,” the statement read.