Woman accused of breaking into storage unit, stealing boxes

McALLEN — A woman was arrested on allegations she broke into a storage unit and stole six boxes of pots and pans, according to McAllen police.

Shannon Marie Torres, 41, was arrested on Jan. 8 outside Highway Storage on 2223 N. 23rd Street.

On Jan 2, the owner of the storage unit received a text message from the Highway Storage manager that her storage padlock was missing, according to a report.

After searching the unit, the owner claimed six boxes of Royal Prestige pots and pans were stolen along with two duffle bags full of shoes and clothes.

On Jan. 8, police were once again dispatched to Highway Storage due to an alarm.

Upon arrival, the officer noticed two vehicles, a Jeep Commander and a Ford pickup with a U-Haul logo, inside the gated compound of Highway Storage.

The officer pulled over the vehicles as they attempted to leave and met with one of the drivers, Leonor Monjaras.

Leonor Monjaras, who turned out to be Torres, provided a forged copy of a temporary permit from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

After contacting the manager for surveillance footage, the report alleges it shows Torres jumping the closed compound fence and attempting to open the gate.

Another search of the storage compound found another unit was burglarized.

According to the report, a search of Torres’s Jeep revealed bolt cutters and documents which belonged to the burglarized unit.

Also found in the search was a wooden box which allegedly contained marijuana.

In addition to the car search, the officers also searched Torres and found a large amount of money and a packet allegedly containing Xanax hidden in her bra and two bags containing methamphetamine hidden in her pocket.

Because Torres was across the street from McAllen High School, her charges of possession were promoted to a higher charge.

Once at the police station, after being interviewed by detectives, Torres confessed to burglarizing both units.

Torres is being charged with two charges of burglary of building, forgery of a third degree felony and failure to identify.

Torres is also charged with possession of marijuana, possession of controlled substance to wit alprazolam (Xanax) and possession of controlled substance to wit methamphetamine — all in a drug free zone.

Torres’s bonds total $69,000.