LETTERS: Cut drug costs for Medicare; Trump is strong; No religious parade theme

Cut drug costs for Medicare

The Monitor’s coverage Dec. 13 about the House’s vote on a bill to mandate Medicare’s ability to negotiate drug prices is a good start. The American people want Medicare to get realistic prices paid out of the taxes we send to Washington.

The Department of Veterans Affairs does negotiate prices for all drugs!

Please keep covering this.

A majority of voters, 80%, want this to happen, but all the Republicans seem to be in the pocket of the drug manufactures and they resist this to the last breath. The drug people give billions of dollars to the politicians in Washington yearly. Their arguments are that drugs coming into the market would be curtailed and new drugs for life-saving treatment would be lost. Also, they claim they don’t want government to interfere with prices and manufacturing. They seem to forget that our taxfunded universities develop most of these new drugs and then the manufactures buy the rights to the drugs and earn billions.

People by the hundreds die every day because of the high prices we are paying for some drugs. This doesn’t seem to matter to the Republicans in Congress.

Now if the Republicans believe those ideas so strongly, why do they do everything they can to control women’s right to their own bodies? Abortion rights under Roe vs. Wade should be made the law of the land. Women should not be pawns of politicians anywhere in the world. Many countries of the world make women second class citizens or even worse, virtual slaves. This is not right according to the Bible and our Constitution.

Bill Williams


Trump is strong

For those who irresponsibly disparage President Donald Trump without evidence: No previous president has been subjected to such bullying and hate as he has. His strength reminds us of David against Goliath, and his detractors are enraged by his strength.

While our highest echelons of power in our own government, in complicity with sold-out, radical, leftist media, have dedicated themselves to destroying him, he keeps on winning with his Godgiven strength, his sole Twitter voice, and his equally strong Republicans, original conservative Democrats and Independent defenders. That is because they only seek justice and truth.

Before falsely accusing him of being a “dictator,” why don’t these pundits go give North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and all other communist “banana republics” a mere trial run? They can then experience for themselves what real dictatorships are.

Heads roll; real dictators never put up with even a hint of opposition, much less three years of a daily weaponized press and a deep state trying to topple our free constitutional government.

Our president’s big fight is that he thinks the Washington swamp is only out for themselves and never for “we the people.” He keeps on fighting for us because he loves America. Just look at the meteoric economy and ever-surging accomplishments.

Imelda Coronado


No religious parade theme

What a disappointment the “Big Parade” was. True, it was supposed to be a holiday parade, but the holiday in December is Christmas, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

Not one float even resembled the “meaning of Christmas.” No mention of our Lord and Savior, whose birth has such great significance to the Christian world.

I resent my tax money being spent in such a way.

Paula Lindgren