LETTERS: No unseating this president; What about Democrats?; Complaints over tipping

No unseating this president

First came the 26 women who alleged groping and sexual misconduct of candidate Donald Trump before the 2016 election; then the insurance policy by former FBI agent Peter Strzok and his girl pal Lisa Page, an FBI attorney; the Mueller report; now impeachment.

All failed attempts to remove a duly elected president.

In my previous letters I predicted the nonstop barrage of falsehoods to unseat President Trump. The Democratic Party has been on a “fools errand,” as defined in Wiktionary: “a foolish undertaking, especially one that is purposeless, fruitless, nonsensical, or certain to fail.” This I truly believe.

Those of you who paid to get on this Democratic merry-go-round will get off feeling dizzy and nauseated, and you will only have succeeded in completing and exercise in frustration and futility, because in the end the 45th president will remain in office.

Other than the aforementioned, one must ask: What has the Democratic Party done for the people of America the last three years?

Jake Longoria


What about Democrats?

For those who parrot that President Trump is not above the law: What about leftist Democrat perpetrators of the abuses listed below?

1. Erosion of First Amendment and Second Amendment rights.

2. Advocating illegal immigration and sanctuary cities for illegals and criminals.

3. Accusing, judging and convicting without due process, equal protection under the law and no conclusive evidence.

4. Controlling and weaponizing mainstream media against their political opponents.

These are rampant abuses, are they above the law?

Imelda Coronado


Complaints over tipping

Where is it written in stone that one has to tip? I’m not saying not to tip. But come on now —when you get your guest ticket so you can pay for your meal, it comes with a suggestion of 20%-30%-40%.

I’ve heard from people claiming that the waitress or waiter doesn’t even make minimum wage. Is it the customer’s fault, or the waitress’ for taking a job that pays less than minimum wage?

For what restaurants charge, they should pay them a due wage.

A little time back I took my wife and two kids plus my mother-in-law out to eat. When I finished eating I left a $5 tip on the table. When the waiter handed me my guest ticket, it included a $25 gratuity fee. I told the waiter to remove the gratuity because I was only going to tip the $5. He informed me that $25 was what I had to tip because we customers don’t know how to tip. I called the manager and asked him to remove the gratuity or I wouldn’t pay the ticket, because I was paying for the food and not the waiter’s salary. He informed that the menu states that if five or more people are at the table they charge a gratuity.

I informed him that I would not pay a %25 tip, and asked him to show me where the law requires me to pay a gratuity.

After a long debate he took it off and informed me that I would no longer be welcome there. What’s funny is that he actually thought I would ever go back to that restaurant.

So does everyone think a tip is mandatory? Do these people tip the cashier at Stripes or the ladies there who make the tacos when they order?

Jesus Rodriguez