Docs: Woman shoots Pharr man in stomach after violent domestic assault

Jessie Lee Espinoza

A woman shot a 37-year-old man in the stomach on New Year’s Day after police say the man woke up after falling asleep in his car and assaulted her.

A probable cause affidavit for the arrest of Pharr resident Jessie Lee Espinoza on charges of aggravated assault date/family with a weapon, unlawful restraint and unlawful possession of a firearm provides new information into what the Texas Department of Public Safety, which assisted Pharr police at the crime scene, said was a mobile disturbance on Sugar Road and FM 495.

Just before noon on Jan. 1, Pharr police responded to an aggravated kidnapping call involving shots fired on the 600 block of West Ferguson Ave.

Once on scene, officers discovered Espinoza had been shot and that the woman had serious head injuries, according to the affidavit.

Police interviewed the woman at the hospital where she told an investigator that she ended her two-year relationship with Espinoza in October 2019, the charging document states.

Before the shooting, Espinoza went to her residence “to pick her up and try to work things out,” according to the affidavit.

The woman and another person were drinking with Espinoza inside his vehicle outside a house when Espinoza “fell asleep in the driver seat and was helped over to the front passenger seat so she could drive (redacted) home,” the charging document states.

Both the woman and the other person’s name are redacted in the document.

At the corner of Ferguson and Sugar Road, police say Espinoza woke up upset and forced her to move over to the front passenger seat.

“As she moved over, she attempted to exit the vehicle but the defendant grabbed her from her hair and pulled her back inside and began to assault her,” the document states.

The woman then grabbed a .38 Special revolver from under the passenger seat and shot Espinoza on the foot, according to the probable cause affidavit.

That’s when she told police Espinoza threatened to kill her so she began to fire the weapon and empty it out as Espinoza drove off.

“(Redacted) stated that the defendant came to a stop at an unknown location where he took the revolver away from her and began to assault her with it by hitting her on the back of the head,” the document states.

Then police say Espinoza exited the vehicle causing the woman to fear that he was going to get another weapon to shoot her.

The charging document says the woman found a .22 caliber handgun in a black bag inside Espinoza’s vehicle and as he came over to his side of the car, she shot him in the stomach.

He ran back to the driver’s side while she made her escape to seek help, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Investigators recovered four handguns and a .223 assault rifle inside Espinoza’s vehicle, the document states.

Espinoza was booked into the Hidalgo County jail last Friday and remains there on a total of $135,000 in bonds.