Advice: A happy life has balance

When you live life with a clear vision of what your priorities are, and your family scale is thrown off balance, it’s not difficult to get it back in place.

It’s not unusual for your most hectic work month to also be the month your children choose to misbehave the most. This is how children let their parents know that they miss them and need more attention.

This will also happen with your spouse. If you are short with each other and arguing frequently, and you haven’t had a date night in months. Your relationship is suffering from a lack of connection.

Relationships are created by the daily dose of love you give to those closest to you. If you want to have a relationship with your children when they get older, you need to put in the time with them when they’re young.

A happy marriage requires two people willing to prioritize their relationship over everything.

It’s sad, but life today requires you to schedule down time. Movie night with your children, date night with your spouse and time to exercise have to be non-negotiable.

It’s also important that you drop activities that add no value to your life. Learn to say no! You’ll be surprised how much time you will have when you do this.

Relationships are fueled by the shared moments and memories that you create. Time is a commodity that you can never get back.

In order to be a good parent and spouse you need the energy to be patient, kind and loving and this is not possible if you are exhausted.

At the end of your life, you don’t want to look back and feel you have neglected the most important people in your life.

Balance isn’t easy to achieve, it’s a daily struggle, but so worth the effort.

Maria Luisa Salcines is a freelance writer, and certified parent coach with The International Network for Children and Families in Redirecting Children’s Behavior and Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom. Follow her on Twitter @PowerOfFamily, Instagram mlsalcinespoweroffamily or contact her on her blog