COMMENTARY: Democrats’ name-calling


Wow! I already knew I was a deplorable from Hillary Clinton’s last presidential campaign when she told me and many millions more like me that we were deplorable. In the past several months I have found out I am also a white supremacist, white nationalist, racist, misogynist, Nazi, Neo-Nazi and just an evil, evil person who doesn’t deserve to be breathing and needs to be negated to a nothing status in any way possible.

How absolutely ridiculous, but this is the message coming from the leaders in the Democratic Party and the “never Trumpers,” and seems to apply to everyone who voted for and supports President Trump.

As for myself, I retired after 34 years from a local school district and I don’t recall in those 34 years or in any other jobs I have had over the years ever being referred to by any of those labels.

The Democrats seem to be painting a very, very wide dividing swath between citizens of the United States, very much so playing “identity politics,” the very thing they have been accusing President Trump of doing ever since he was elected president. The horrible label “racist” has been attached to the president and all who support him to the point of almost becoming meaningless. Some Democrats are even calling other Democrats “racist.” Go figure!

In my 80 years, if I have learned nothing else, I have learned that nothing is free and I can’t help but believe that most working Americans would agree with me. My wife Carol (God rest her soul) and I both served in the U.S.

Navy, and over the course of years worked at jobs to pay off various school expenses and bills, worked to be able to buy three different homes to live in through the years, worked to raise our family, worked to be able to afford the many vehicles we had over the years, and worked to be able to afford the lifestyle we enjoyed. This is not a unique story since millions and millions of Americans do the same thing every day and have done so since the birth of our nation.

To work and earn leads to a sense of pride in what you have accomplished and what you can accomplish.

It seems that most of the Democratic candidates for president, if not all of them, feel that all Americans are in such dire straits that everything needs to be provided free to anyone and everyone who wants it.

These candidates tell us they have it all figured out. Large corporations, other big businesses and the “rich” of the country will pay for everything.

Common sense tells us and working people know very well whom the brunt of the expenses for all of these free handouts will fall upon; the middle class and the folks least able to afford all the inevitable new taxes incurred with all the “free programs.”

The upcoming 2020 presidential election is going to be very important to the future of the United States. Watching and listening to the Democratic debates so far, I have noticed that the messages generally espoused were of how bad off things are in the United States and how seemingly everyone is suffering under the horrible policies of President Trump. Also, there seems to be little offered in the way of improving the U.S. citizen’s quality of life. Instead, the main message seems to be “get rid of Trump.”

The president, on the other hand, is very upbeat about the future of the United States and although he is under constant attack from mainstream media almost 24/7, as well as getting absolutely no cooperation from the Democratic side of the aisle, he has succeeded in keeping many of the promises he made during his presidential campaign. This, in itself, is unusual for any presidential candidate.

The United States is enjoying a booming economy under the president’s policies (the envy of the modern world). Other areas of accomplishment are: More than 5 million jobs created, record low unemployment rate for all ethnic groups, improved foreign trade relations to the benefit of the United States, improved consumer confidence, tax cuts for American families, successful companies moving back to the U.S. due to the lifting of restrictive government regulations, and the elimination of a lot of stifling rules and regulations that hurt small businesses.

I realize these are all Republican talking points, but at least they are on the positive side, whereas the Democratic talking points seem to be primarily on the negative side. I’ll go with the positive any day.

The American electorate has a choice to make in 2020 and I sincerely hope they choose to go with the positive.

Melvin L. Thompson lives in Mission.