Climate disruption

The last year or two has seen an unusual number of U.S. natural disasters: major hurricanes, massive Midwest floods, too many deadly tornadoes, severe wildfires, subzero cold spells, some of the hottest years on record, etc. The rest of the world has likewise suffered increasing droughts, desertification, melting glaciers, typhoons, flooding, heat waves, etc.

These phenomena are not unrelated. The vast majority of climate scientists say they are the beginning effects of “climate disruption” that will, without question, get significantly worse in the foreseeable future. For the next 11 years, according to the latest reports from scientists at both the U.N. and the U.S. government, we have the chance to ensure that the worst-case scenarios do not come to pass, by de-carbonizing our economies (For more information, see David Wallace-Wells on YouTube).

Each additional degree of global warming will make the extreme weather we’ve already seen many, many times worse for future generations (as well as creating untold millions of climate refugees). But it can be turned around, and must be, starting now.

This is no joke, no hoax, but rather a deadly serious, long-term, life-threatening emergency.

Instead of denial, we need to ask ourselves one serious question: What will our children and grandchildren say about us 30 or 50 years from now? Will they curse us for willfully ignoring the clear signs of the impending destruction of a reasonably livable planet for them? This question requires our active attention.

Chuck Sher, Petaluma, Calif.

Pastor should not comment

Please, Pastor Ramiro Peña, keep the views you express as a pastor confined to your congregation, not in public support or condemnation of a politician. You lessen your value as a spiritual leader and immigration authority.

Your commentary of Aug. 12 was very close to a single-topic, ethnic tirade against the American government and for a politician who has proven his instability and unsuitability for government. You charge the Democrats with “avoiding and fear mongering” about immigration, yet it was Trump himself who called immigrants rapists, crooks and trash, not to mention what he said about their countries.

While immigration is an important topic, it is not the only crisis facing America today and yet you would damn Democrats who don’t agree with you on this single topic. You state that all parties in the past have ignored immigration yet you forget that Mitch McConnell said, during President Obama’s first term, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” You can’t accomplish much under those terms.

In closing, Pastor, it seems that your entire commentary requests special treatment for immigrants, and if there is any bullying it is from your side. When you say “immigration is personal,” what I hear is that even though you seemingly want Trump to follow the law you say is inadequate, you also want to have a fast track to get your relatives in more quickly.

Sorry, Pastor. In my opinion your ill-advised commentary just negated this year’s gain in support for immigration reform.

Ned Sheats, Mission

End relations with Mexico

This illegal immigration issue will continue until we can get to the source of the problem. The source of the problem is Mexico.

Mexico is not the victim but the creator of this problem. Mexico must be held accountable 100% and like it or not cut ties with Mexico 100%. And that will stop the illegal immigration invasion into the USA.

Do we need Mexico? No, not if Mexico is going to hold us hostage with its cheap products and make billions in illegal human trafficking. We are dealing with a self-serving thug and we need to treat it as such or lose America to Mexico.

The real question here is, do we want to win this war or surrender to the threat?

Rafael Madrigal, Pharr