If the gloomy skies weren’t indication enough, the forecast for today shows rain across the Rio Grande Valley, and the rest of the week is looking about the same.

The National Weather Service is indicating there is a potential for flood with today’s rains, particularly in the central and eastern parts of the Valley, which could see between three and six inches of rain.

To go along with all this rain, we’ll see lower highs today, with McAllen only reaching 91 degrees and all points east clocking in under 90, with South Padre Island only hitting 86 degrees.

On the five-day front, temperatures stay relatively low until Friday, when they start creeping back toward 100. Rain stays in the forecast through Friday, as well, though chances begin to diminish heavily come Thursday.

Our biggest rain day, according to NWS, will be tomorrow, so be sure to have your umbrellas ready when it’s time to start your day.