Silence is complicity

What pride does one take in endorsing cruelty? It is bad enough that someone commits cruelty against anyone. To do so against families and children is disturbing.

More disturbing is that some folks accept and embrace such cruelty to others with no apparent compassion or shame.

Step by step we, as a nation, are being made complicit unless we speak out against such cruelty. The cruelty of family separation, of the caging/incarceration of children in ever-more-deplorable conditions, and the turning away of mothers with children from even the shelter of a stable should outrage all people of good will. Yet our government poohpoohs such outrage as being soft on crime.

Nonsense. Refugees are to be treated compassionately once they step on American soil — remember the Cubans.

Each individual case is to be treated in compliance not only with the letter of the law but with the compassion of a nation of immigrants. The sight of small children forced to represent themselves in immigration court without benefit of an attorney to explain to the court why the child separated from her parents really should remain in the protective arms of this nation until reunited with a parent is shameful as well as cruel.

Speak up. Register to vote. Then vote. Vote for those opposed to such cruelty. Vote for those who neither make excuses for the cruelty nor for the endorsement of such cruelty.

Ricardo Flores, Edinburg

Ideas Festival garners praise

I was content with The Monitor’s recent post, “STXi Festival encourages cultural reflection.” It included how Rio Grande Valley encourages people to make a stronger connection with their culture with a festival. The South Texas Ideas Festival has been going on since 2017 and concerns the lack of engagement and desire to stay in the Valley.

I like the speech that was included in the post; it made a positive impact on my cultural background.

Natalie Herrera, Sullivan City

Two-sided on border

I read that Congressman Vicente Gonzalez is honking is own horn regarding a border security grant received from Operation Stone Garden. Why have we, the public, not heard anything from congressmen Henry Cuellar, Filemon Vela, Will Hurd and former Rep. Beto O’Rourke — representing four other Texas border districts — about also having received grant money from OPSG?

Just asking.

Gonzalez’s constituents know him to be soft on border security. He will criticize and challenge the Trump administration on its approach to border security on the one hand, but will take the money from the feds on the other hand.

Our congressman is speaking from both sides of his mouth on border security concerns.

Eduardo R. Estrada, Edinburg

Statue outdated

It is obvious that some folks are happy with the status quo. Let’s just let everyone and anyone come to our country; after all, the Statue of Liberty invites the huddled masses, your tired, poor and so on and so forth.

These are outdated words from bygone days that no longer hold true and surely would cause economic chaos and unemployment to rise if allowed.

Today’s generation of entitlement and socialism has gained a foothold in our country where politicians promise and some voters demand free health care and education as a birthright, which amounts to welfare from cradle to grave.

My generation grew up with the timeless words of JFK: “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” You can choose to be part of democracy in action as JFK asks or contribute to the proven failures of welfare states and socialism. The choice along with the consequences are yours to make.

Jake Longoria, Mission