Thanks for fundraiser

Kudos to our police department, all the volunteers and the Baptist Retreat Center for the time and work that went into the planning and execution of the fundraiser for the Espericueta family. Well done. God bless our police department and the city of Mission and the people who supported this project.

Jeanne Smith

City supported on immigration

Politics aside, I applaud and wholeheartedly support McAllen government and city management for making an effort to address the much-overlooked primary focus of this issue: the humanitarian aspect of this complicated opportunity.

I see these “immigrants/asylum-seekers” every single workday. Apply any label you like. However the bare facts are that these are people — human beings — not labels, and that fact cannot and must never be ignored or relegated to dismissive, subordinated backwater consideration.

As our elected and executive management officials work tirelessly and intelligently trying to obtain the needed fiscal and humanitarian resources to address this overwhelming issue, they need our support, not our ire.

Now is not the time, nor is it the place, to push back against with what the city of McAllen and its partners believe is best under the circumstances for all stakeholders. I can unequivocally state this: At the very least, our city officials and partners are doing what they were elected and hired to do; they are doing something with the dubious deck of cards they have been dealt.

I am proud to be associated with these efforts in my own, small way.

It takes true leadership, properly focused humanitarian and stakeholder goals and caring hearts, to take action. Anyone can complain, point fingers and bemoan circumstances; that is easy, and counterproductive to finding a solution.

Now is the time and here is the place for us to unite and work to push through this bump in the road, and then move forward. I encourage all involved in wrestling with this humanitarian crisis to keep on keeping on! One thing is certain if we do not act: from nothing, nothing comes.

Barry Bazzell

America invaded

Not since the War of 1812 has the United Stated been invaded by a foreign enemy, but these past few months America has been invaded by a horde of undocumented immigrants, some waiting in line at the ports of entry and some crossing the river and then turning themselves in to the Border Patrol.

So far, according to media reports, more than half a million have entered the United States this way. The invasion continues even as this letter is being written, and so this sad epoch brings with it many questions. Where will these vagabonds end up? How much will it cost the American taxpayer? Why are our elected officials so inept at dealing with this crisis?

The answers are as follows: The undocumented will end up displacing the shadow migrants who are here illegally by taking their jobs because most of them are unskilled and will replace the gardeners, maids and other unskilled day laborers because they will work for less. The other migrants who choose not to work will drain an already exhausted welfare system answering question No. 2, costing taxpayers billions since they will need food, housing and medical assistance.

Finally, neither party, Democrat or Republican, is willing to back this sitting president who is willing to take action by holding Mexico accountable and withholding federal aid to the Central American countries responsible for this event.

So to our elected representatives in Washington, follow this president’s call to action or get the hell out of his way and let him do the job for all those who voted for him. And to those of you who hope for his failure, you will have your chance in 2020.

Jake Longoria