Advice: Clear your mind and disconnect

Mental clutter is one of the worst things you can do for your health. It drains you more than any physical activity.

The more you worry, the more unease you experience and the less you can juggle your responsibilities.

Studies show that people remember more about the things they have not done than the things they have.

Modern day life has improved our ability to accomplish more, but it has also complicated our lives.

According to a 2017 Deloitte survey, Americans check their phones 12 billion times per day.

It’s not easy to unplug when you can be connected to work, friends and family from your computers, phones, and tablets in just about anywhere in the world.

Leisure time has become about checking your messages, Facebook or Instagram instead being present.

This addiction to gadgets is distracting and is one of the reasons you cannot relax.

Some psychologist are calling it an anxiety-based disorder.

I read that 71% of Americans sleep with their smart phones next to them.

It is important that parents set an example for their children if they want their children to learn how to set limits.

During dinner or when watching a movie set up a basket in your family room for everyone to put their phones in.

Do not allow your children to have their phones in their room at night. It is difficult for children and teens to set their own limits.

The fact that we can no longer disconnect from the outside world when we are home is changing our family life.

Taking a break is essential for our mental health. It frees us of unnecessary mental clutter.

Everything that is valuable and important is right in front of you; don’t let your electronic devices keep your from enjoying those one in a lifetime moments.