Two rare birds sighted at Quinta Mazatlán

A crimson-collard grosbeak was spotted on Jan. 18 at Quinta Mazatlán, according to a news release. The bird, which is native of the Mexican forests and woodlands, is rare to the United States with only 41 previous recorded sightings.

The last time a grosbeak was spotted at the nature site in McAllen was in 2010 — a male was spotted foraging on berries and leaves in the park.

The most recent sighting was of a young grosbeak lacking the deep crimson plumage of an adult male. The same bird was again spotted on Jan. 31.

A Cape May warbler, the second unusual bird at Quinta Mazatlán in 2019, represents the first winter record in the lower Rio Grande Valley and the 265th bird species recorded at urban nature center. While not rare nationally, warblers breed in the northern U.S. and Canada spending their winters in the Caribbean. It is unusual to see the bird in deep South Texas this time of year.