LETTER: Border wall tax — An alternate universe

I know how to get Democrats to support a border wall and have Republicans oppose it at the same time. I also believe that Trump would veto the bill.

Walls are not cheap and should be paid for in advance. A 1-percent tax on all income above $10 million would, over time, raise enough money to pay for the wall. The money must be raised and in the treasury before construction can start. Any money raised above the amount needed for the wall could be applied to border security.

The border tax must be a permanent tax. The next president might want a wall at our northern border, because of the number crossing that border. The tax could drastically increase border security at both borders and coasts.

If such a bill were introduced in the House, it would pass without one Republican vote. That would prove that the Republicans of the House do not support border security. It would be dead upon arrival in the Senate because Republicans do not support border security or the wall. If by chance, after a night of drunken partying, the GOP in the Senate passed the bill, Trump would veto it. Why? It would be paid for by rich Americans and not poor Mexicans.

Thank you.

Hank Shiver, Mission