He agreed Friday to the spending bill that does not include the $5.7 billion request to build the wall. But he did it for the American people. If he didn’t, the Democrats would keep part of our government shutdown and many government employees on unpaid furlough, or working without pay. And more economic harm would come to America.

This spending deal goes until Feb. 15. If a deal cannot be made by then, I believe the president will declare a national emergency to build the wall, and will also sign into law the Democrat budget (without the wall) for the rest of the year. Of course he has every legal right to declare a national emergency, but the “Pelosis and Schumers of America” will file lawsuits prohibiting him from building the wall. They will succeed because they will go to Obama judges to get their injunctions to prohibit building of the wall.

It could be years before the Supreme Court decides the case and gives him the go-ahead. In the meantime, more people will continue to come here illegally, women and children will continue to be forced into the sex trade, gangs will continue their violence, and drugs from the south will keep killing Americans.

This should be obvious to anyone that the Democrats in power (and they are in power as long as the filibuster in the Senate exists), and the RINO Republicans, could care less about the safety of the American people. It’s all about power for themselves; enriching their pocketbooks and nothing else.

I pray I am wrong. I pray Pelosi and Schumer and their followers, and the RINO Republicans, have a little compassion for the American people they are supposed to represent. But I fear the worst.

Darrell Williams Sr., McAllen