Más vida: Local bridal-wear designer jumps into the world of ready-to-wear designs

Manuel Tiscareño is seen at Hacienda San Juan on Thursday, Jan. 24, 2019 in San Juan. (Delcia Lopez | [email protected])

Más vida

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JAN. 27, 2018

Local wedding designer Manual Tiscareño has made a name for himself as a bridal-wear designer. The Rio Grande Valley resident, however, has always wanted to design more than just wedding dresses. He will unveil his first ready-to-wear collection next month at New York Fashion Week in New York.

— Daniel A. Flores

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JAN. 23, 2019

GMs hope their cocktails bring all the patrons to The Yard

The Yard on Dallas Ave. on 17th Street in downtown McAllen. (Daniel A. Flores | [email protected])

The Yard on Dallas Ave., a new outside, low-key bar on 17th Street, hopes to also be a place people enjoy quality cocktails. That is one of the reasons the ownership brought in Rene Gonzalez, 22, and Noel Vega, 23, to be the general managers for their new venture.

Gonzalez and Vega are experienced bartenders who have worked at such north McAllen establishments as Bodgea and El Divino, both known for their craft cocktails.

The Yard is different from Bodega and El Divino in that it is an outside bar where you can play corn hole and connect four. That doesn’t exactly give off a fancy cocktail vibe. Gonzalez and Vega said they are slowly introducing the patrons to what they can do with craft cocktails.

“We are in a very entry-introductory phase right now,” Gonzalez said. “They are very easy ingredients, but still maintaining the quality — fresh-squeezed everything, homemade everything. We are very, very intro based. We are not throwing boozy cocktails in your face just yet.”

The plan is to change the cocktail menu every three months. In the next menu, they will likely throw in a heavier or quirkier drink.

“We were kind of skeptical about something like this succeeding,” Vega said about the bar’s first cocktail menu. “But much to our surprise, it has gone very well. We have gotten pretty good feedback on (the cocktail) as well.”

One of the items on the menu is the mint condition, which Vega and Gonzalez created together. The drink includes a rum blend, mint, ginger beer and lime.

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— Peter Rasmussen