LETTER: Anybody there?

Are there any responsible Republicans left in Washington who still adhere to their theory and perception of curbing public spending and limited government?

What is yet more alarming is the adherence to that monumental deception of the 2,000-mile border wall that was to be funded by Mexico. This was a total fabrication of his own, but President Trump cannot go back on his own lie for it would make his look bad before his base.

As usual, the travesty took for the worse, so I’m outraged he caused a government shutdown affecting thousands of government employees and, as usual, blames the Democrats for it.

Let’s hope we have people in Washington with enough brains to cope with the magnitude of such an undertaking. Engineers cannot give us an exact price tag or ascertain the final cost, but $5.7 billion in only an ante get into the game.

We are looking at several years for the project’s completion with an estimated cost of $40 billion plus cost overruns. Simplistic minds calling and clamoring for the wall have no idea of the number involved. Present administration people will not be aroused for its competition much less paying for it. Our kids and grandkids will be footing the bill for years to come.

The damage to the border environment will be devastating. Personal properties will be laid to waste and developed; suits by property owners against the government will ensue followed by years of litigation.

Last and probably the most damaging is the relationship established by both Mexico and the United States along the border from Texas to California. We have enjoyed years of a of a socioeconomic, cultural coexistence. Surely, the country stands to lose out on a mad man’s personal vendetta.

Marcelino Hernandez, Mission