LETTER: Lessons on cooperation

I did send the below to the Clemson college newspaper. It was not published.

I am sending it to you, with an addition:

Congratulations on cooperation, Clemson football team.

But is there anyone connected with you who is unwilling to go to the White House to meet a very uncooperative, narrow and crude president?


What a fine statement that person or persons could make, explaining the contrast between the team’s example and the president’s!

Clemson football stands for what is good in the United States.

As for the president…

And, next month the Boston Red Sox, World Series champions, are invited to the White House, too.

Will any refuse to go?

The Red Sox, too, embody cooperation, unlike the president.

Perhaps Alex Cora, the manager, who has spoken against the president’s neglect of Puerto Rico, Cora’s home will turn down the invite.

Eugene “Gene” Novogodsky, Brownsville