LETTER: About Obamacare

Now that Obamacare has been struck down by a federal judge, its fate will likely be decided by the Supreme Court very soon.

In the meantime, I’m reminded of how this law came to be. It was sold to us as the cure to what ailed our health insurance market, and would make health insurance more accessible and affordable.

At that time the number of chronically uninsured people or those with pre-existing conditions, numbered 12-15 million. Given the relatively small segment of the population, this issue could have been addressed fairly easily with a program tailored specifically for them, and available only to them. But that would not have given Democrats control of the health insurance market, which they so desperately wanted.

Instead, they inflated the number of chronically uninsured by adding in people who were eligible, but simply chose not to purchase health insurance. And then, they foisted on the entire nation, the mess that became Obamacare.

It started failing as soon as it was launched, so much so, that the website crashed regularly, even hourly. Instantly, Americans lost plans that they liked after they were promised they could keep them. Millions more started paying higher prices for health insurance plans they did not want or need, but were forced to purchase by a federal government unconcerned with the costs. Millions saw health insurance premiums spike so often that health insurance became inaccessible.

Finally, Obamacare is on its last legs, but now we have another problem. The incoming Democrat majority in the U.S. House is proposing yet another government solution to a private sector problem they created, so called “Medicare for all.”

If you think health insurance is expensive now, just imagine how much it will cost when it’s “free.”

Rene Ortega, Weslaco