Asylum seeker accused of throwing urine

A Mexican citizen awaiting an asylum determination at the Port Isabel Detention Center is accused of throwing urine on a guard and activating the sprinkler system in the facility in two separate incidents.

Leonardo Sanchez-Monroy, born in 1980, is charged with destroying government property and assaulting a contract employee with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

According to a criminal complaint, Sanchez-Monroy threw urine at a guard Dec. 12, hitting the guard in the chest, neck and mouth.

In a separate complaint, Sanchez-Monroy is accused of causing damage by “tearing ceiling tiles, breaking ceiling support beams, breaking ventilation ducts, and breaking security cameras.”

He is also accused of activating the sprinkler system causing water damage to the Secure Management Unit building at the Port Isabel Detention Center.

In October, 37-year-old Nelson Ortiz-Pena pleaded guilty to misdeameanor assault for lunging at a nurse on Sept. 20 while trying to strike the man with a closed fist.

During a court hearing, federal public defender Sandra Zayas told Magistrate Judge Ronald Morgan that before the attack, Ortiz-Pena went on a hunger strike after losing his asylum claim and was upset because medical staff at the Port Isabel Detention Center were medicating him for tuberculosis even though he told the staff he didn’t have the disease.

Federal authorities initially charged him with a felony until he reached a plea deal.

Morgan sentenced Ortiz-Pena, who is from Honduras, to 75 days in jail.