LETTER: Stand up for free speech in colleges and universities

Language barriers have existed in the history of the world and have defined the ability of cultural representation amongst human beings. In an era where freedom of speech has existed, due to the establishment within the constitution as a right in the previous history of our nation, the interactional circumstances of the ever-growing, ever-changing, and multicultural society of the United States has encouraged the emergence of voicing each other’s interpretations in life.

Although there has been extensive support in regards to this right, the social issues in our current society have overshadowed this form of outlet for the people to communicate. It is crucial to understand that in a distinctively technical, social structure of a society the ability to reach people across the country and inclusively around the globe is fairly uncomplicated.

The patterns human beings choose to follow and interpret can come from anywhere in the world at this point in time. It is undeniable that knowledge is shared across the world. Society does not only act upon situational forces surrounding their immediate surroundings, but also the visualizations and apprehension of other interactional discoveries from technological advances transmitted through cognitive assimilation.

Educational forces across the nation and the world have transpired within the mentality of our generations. Freedom of speech doesn’t only give anyone the opportunity to speak out through their knowledge, it also enables the uncovering of potential life altering initiatives toward a greater society. The reason for existence doesn’t only serve accreditation of physical appearance but mainly the reassurance in the interpretation of life through freedom of speech in individuals who can ultimately be the basis of survival in our society.

In the face of misinterpretation and social turbulence in our political stances, which really guide all of society’s future environment, we must stand up for the actions that will incite the freedom of speech in colleges and universities. The fate of the nation is embedded within the interactions of the current scholars and apprentices of the United States of America. If censorship or restraint were to ever stain the ability of this right amongst mankind, forces detrimental to society would arise more than ever.

The values of humanity and unity lie within the interactions of a world influenced by the association of sharing ideological welfare for civilization. Freedom of Speech for the people of the United States of America is paramount for the progression of the country.

Walking down the path of life, witnessing history, letting fear vanish, we must fulfill the quest of existence and address the portrayal of the nation we want to exist for society.

Katherine Ovalle, Santa Rosa