LETTERS: Party in decay; Park residents at wit’s end

Democratic Party in decay

It is truly a sad day for Democrats when the only candidate they can field for the governor’s race is Lupe Valdez. This fact together with the mob mentality of far-left Democrats and the socialist agenda being pushed by Robert O’Rourke clearly shows that the Democrats are out of pace with mainstream Texans and is a party in decay.

Is it any wonder why so many educated Democrats are now switching sides?

Guadalupe E. Aguirre, Edinburg

Park residents at wit’s end

In regard to the letter in your Oct. 5 edition, be advised that we too, Cedar Park in Donna, have “pure taxation without representation.”

The city of Donna keeps telling us that we are a “private park.” The association that was originally in this park dissolved about eight years ago and it became an open park, subdivision of the city of Donna. We have all age groups, not limited to over 55. We have children of all ages along with all ethnicities.

The association dissolve papers were given to the city offices on several occasions. They keep telling us they have no such papers. We need our potholes filled in. That is all we have repeatedly asked for to no avail.

We are not rich families and cannot afford this maintenance cost, or the cost of an attorney to fight the city. We are at our wit’s end. We have seriously considered withholding all our city tax money in protest.

We need some help.

Walter Mooney, Donna