LETTERS: A just nation for all; Defining ‘mob mentalities’

Reclaim a just nation for all

Did the Confederacy lose the United States Civil War?

You would wonder after watching Georgia in 2018 try to suppress African-American voters.

Under a climate fostered by President Donald Trump, Georgia feels very confident in its racist efforts.

And go back to the Reconstruction era when the Democrats tried to undo the gains of the war; now it is the Republicans.

Citizens, work hard to reclaim a just nation for all.

All, by the way, does not mean only citizens, but residents, those seeking asylum, visitors and human beings no matter their nationality.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

What exactly constitutes ‘mob mentalities’

Neither can I support “mob mentalities,” but let us look at what that means. First, the idea is based on Donald Trump’s newest political slogan, “Rep. make jobs, Dem. make mobs.” Now the word “mobs” is firmly attached to Democrats, often as not by people who don’t bother to examine their own assumptions. Trump counts on that.

A few people stopping by the table of a politician in a restaurant, saying a few angry words and then leaving does not constitute a mob. I would not be able to do that. Any politician having dinner deserves a break and to eat in peace, no matter which party he or she belongs to, but emotions are so high, I understand why these encounters happen.

A torchlight parade and marchers chanting Nazi slogans against Jews looks like a mob to me. A group of white nationalists who call themselves The Proud Boys, yelling and cursing Nancy Pelosi as she enters a building, then pounding on the door still yelling and cursing after she enters looks like a mob to me. I don’t think any of these folks are Democrats. Who are they then?

As for the now infamous Kavanaugh Senate hearings and concerns for his sufferings at the hands of Democratic senators doing their job, my sympathies go to Christine Blasey Ford. The Senate hearings, timing, and so-called FBI investigation, were all strangled by the party in power. The hearings were engineered to look more like a trial than a hearing (innocent until proven … ).

Senate hearings of a SCOTUS nominee bear on character and fitness to serve. Kavanaugh’s interactions with senators trying to do their job were disrespectful and highly partisan.

I wonder how many people saw the last day of the SCOTUS nominee’s hearing on C-SPAN. The last few minutes were shocking. Republican Sen. John Kennedy spoke to John Dean, former White House consul to Richard Nixon, and an invited guest. Kennedy referred to Dean as “a rat.” Dean broke open the Watergate scandal by coming forward.

Shirley Rickett, Alamo