LETTERS: Lighting the beacon; Party preferences

Keep the beacon warmly lit

The Central American migrant caravan’s thousands near South Texas — welcome them and urge the United States government to quickly facilitate their passage to relatives throughout the country.

For those making asylum applications, they should be able to travel and work while their words are fairly and seriously reviewed.

No jail. No detention centers. No family separation.

Again, welcome.

The United States should be ready to keep its beacon warmly lit.

Eugene “Gene” Novogrodsky, Brownsville

Party preferences

On Oct. 24 I received an email from the Texas Association of Realtors stating that TAR proudly supports the following candidates, which went on to give the names of mostly republicans candidates I oppose.

Being a member of TAR myself, I was infuriated to say the least because I’m not a Republican and 90 percent of those on the list are Republicans, including one that is allegedly under indictment. I emailed them back to voice my opinion.

As a TAR member, Texas realtor and as an individual I proudly support Democratic candidates, especially Mr. Beto O’Rourke for Texas senator. Therefore please do not be misled that all TAR members support the same candidates.

Adolfo Reyes, Edinburg