LETTERS: Drainage solution alternatives; Mob mentalities

Find better alternatives to address drainage

Vote no to the drainage bond. They are asking us to throw good money after bad when maintenance is a key to the performance of the drainage ditches we have. The county historically neglects roads, drainage, the courthouse, but continues to ask for more money.

Equipment has been purchased over and over only to be used then sold at a loss or given away. Now they want to spend $4 million on more equipment that will have the same fate. I do agree with a previous writer, to shelve the new courthouse and apply that money to the drainage issue. Put the needs of the people above the vanity of a fancy courthouse.

There are better alternatives.

Myra Baker, Alton

Cannot support mob mentalities

It may be a generational thing, but I will not vote for a political party or its candidates whose leaders condone and even encourages mob activities that will not even allow for one to eat peacefully in a restaurant with family present.

That, plus the recent disgraceful display and lack of civility on the part of some senators during the Senate hearings for Judge Kavanaugh, should make any American citizen set up and take notice. There seemed to be a mission of “disgrace and destroy” a highly respected member of our judicial system. When the presumption of innocence is discarded like it was during those hearings, all of us should be very much concerned.

I understand that the hate Trump movement is very much alive and active, but the laws of the United States are for all citizens and should protect all citizens whether you agree with them or not. President Trump’s opposition party seems to forget that at times.

The Valley is a great place to live, and I think President Trump’s economic policies as well as some of his other accomplishments benefited and will continue to benefit our citizens, even though he gets very little, or no credit for them through the media.

In fact, most of what you see and read in the media regarding the president has a very negative or slanted view against him. I don’t always agree with what the president says or sometimes the way he says it, but I do believe he is working to make the United States a better place to live and work, and I can’t say that about his opposition party.

I really feel like there are many in the Valley that will agree with me, and I hope they will all turn out and vote accordingly.

Melvin Thompson, Mission